Scariest Disney Movie Scenes

Your childhood memories with Disney are mostly stuffed with fun, cheerful singing princesses, clumsy dwarfs, and cute and fluffy animals. Many of these memories would end with “happy ever after”‘s. However, you may remember certain scenes in Disney movies that had made you cover your eyes, wet your pants, or tearfully run to your mom. These scary scenes might have even made you so upset that you couldn’t even get over them.

Ironically, these scenes are included in your favorite Disney animated films. In fact, you’ll be surprised to learn that these terrifying scenes in supposedly kid-friendly Disney movies are quite many. But we’ll just list some of them here:

1. Night on Bald Mountain

This scene was terrifying for most viewers and seemed unnecessary to add into the already strange Fantasia. In this scene, Chernabog raises up his demons and ghosts, scaring every child who watched this movie and disturbing even some adult viewers.

2. Pinocchio Turns into a Donkey

This movie scene was especially scary for many young children. It consisted, of several young boys being turned into donkeys and then being sold into slavery, Watching the boys’ transformation into donkeys, seemed painful and scary and was enough to scare almost any young child.

3. Belle Being Attacked by Wolves

When Belle leaves the Beast’s castle for the first time, she is attacked by wolves, until the Beast comes to save her. This scene was very frightening, especially for the younger audience.

4. Clayton’s Death in Tarzan

Although Clayton, was the villain of this movie, his death was still a traumatizing moment for many viewers. The scene shows Clayton accidentally hanging himself, when he is overcome by rage and cuts at the vines surrounding him like maniac, until they become entangled around his throat.

5. A Rat Tries to Attacks the Baby

In this creepy scene in Lady and the Tramp, a creepy rat tries to attack John Dear and Darling’s newborn baby; although it fails to do so, because Tramp comes to the rescue. Even though he saved the day, Tramp is consequently blamed for the incident as he is the only individual in the room. This results in him being sent to the pound.

6. Cruella de Vil’s Crazy Driving

Cruella de Vil is one of Disney’s most popular villains. She is the primary antagonist of 101 Dalmatians, the cute movie about a hundred puppies. This scene is scary, because it portrays the angry Cruella chasing after the puppies in her car. She is overcome by rage and is driving out of control, and at one point, you are shown a close up of her angry face, which is a quite unsettling one.

7. Jafar Turns into a Snake

In this scene, the villain of the movie, Jafar, turns into a giant red snake and continues attacking Aladdin. Not only was this aspect of the scene scary, but the fact that the snake and background were dark red and that Jafar was surrounded by fire, only added to this frightening image.

8. Snow White Runs Through the Woods

This scene was not only terrifying, but it also caused many children to be afraid to ever enter the woods. It consisted of frightening creatures such as an alligator, branches grabbing at Snow White, and many other monsters. Although Snow White, is a popular princess movie, it is full of frightening scenes that are enough to scare almost any young child.

9. Pink Elephants Parade

This scene in Dumbo, was strange and terrifying and most likely gave nightmares too many young children. This abnormally long scene of creepy dancing elephants was just too much for most viewers to handle.

10. Claude Frollo Singing “Hellfire”

Although most children are too young to understand the meaning of Frollo’s song, the way he acts and the scene’s background is still creepy and enough to freak out most viewers.