Shopping for a guy and wondering what to buy?

Shopping for a guy and wondering what to buy? Here are some excellent tool ideas.

Granted, not every guy wants tools. But even the least handyman oriented person is going to need a cordless screwgun for hanging their TV.

With this list of tool ideas, you are sure to please.  However, you might want to hide your wallet before reading any further.

One of these is a guaranteed win.

Cordless Impact Driver

For the longest time, the cordless screwdriver was the must-give gift — every newlywed needed one. A good screwgun would ensure that honey-dos were completed promptly and were the key to quickly completing the bulk of the DIY projects around the house.

Now, with the invention of the impact driver, there is an upgraded version of the screwdriver to drool over. An impact driver allows you to handle tasks that were too difficult for the screwdriver.

In the past, the screwdriver would strip out of the screw head if the task was too hard. Now, with the impact driver, a unique clutch mechanism helps reduce the risk of screw stripping while allowing you to work faster and more accurately.

There are a few good-quality impact drivers on the market. Tool Tally suggests the Dewalt, but Milwaukee makes a pretty good quality driver as well.

To make sure that it is ready to use, go ahead and pick up a multi-pack of bits so you’ll have the right bit for any of the projects you have in mind.

For a bonus, find a two-pack kit that comes with a powerful, rechargeable flashlight!

Carpet Cleaner

You might think that one of the two tools below would be better than this one.  After all, you only rent a rug doctor once a year or so. How often do those carpets need to be cleaned anyhow?

However, once you buy a carpet cleaner in the house, you will be amazed at how much it gets used.

When you realize how much dirt is in your carpets — and how good your carpets look once you get them clean — it becomes addictive.

Ideally, a heated carpet cleaner is going to deliver better results. However, they cost almost twice as much. You can still get the benefit of clean carpets without the onboard water heater.

Just make sure to buy one that has a handheld unit. You’ll want to use it on the car, too, for that deep clean smell that leaves a great impression on everyone who rides with you.

Electric Weedeater

You likely own a gas weedeater. Gas-powered weedeaters are extremely powerful and do a tremendous job. They are a time-proven concept.

However, the newer electric weedeaters are an absolute breeze to use. You never have to mix gas. You never have to run to the gas station with a leaky gas can that is likely to spill and make your car smell horrible.

With an electric weedeater, you clip the battery pack in and get started. Most weedeaters have a 30 minute or longer lifespan, which means that you can get your entire yard trimmed and looking great.

The best advice is to buy a 40 volt or bigger unit. This guarantees that you will have plenty of power.

They are so easy to use; you are likely to rage-quit your old weedeater after using an electric weedeater one time.

Cordless Circular Saw

After you’ve been out of mom and dad’s house for 4 or 5 years, you are going to need to have the ability to cut boards.

Even if you are only hanging shelving in the laundry room, a circular saw is going to be essential for cutting those boards.

This is another tool that you don’t realize just how much you need. Before buying a circular saw, you probably only need a board cut once every few years.

Once you own one, you are going to find yourself using it every month.

Laser Level

This is the most boring tool on the list. However, there is nothing more annoying (or noticeable) then a crookedly hung picture.

You might not notice it, but every person who comes to your house will.

A laser level is going to make it so much easier to get every picture hung correctly. And when you figure out just how crooked your things are, you’ll find yourself wanting to use it for everything.

Charging Station

Everything needs to be recharged; from laptops to cell phones to the adult light-up sneakers that are making a comeback.

Create a charging station. One of the most straightforward ideas is a USB power pack that can charge 6 or more items at once.

Load this charger into an attractive box. Suddenly, you have a place where all of your wires are hidden, and the devices can charge peacefully without cluttering up the house.

While you are at it, purchase a battery charger with a large supply of AA and AAA batteries. Suddenly, you have the right battery for every item in your house. There is no better way to a guy’s heart than by supplying him with endless (battery) power.

Cordless Jumpstart Pack

One of the neatest inventions to come out of the 20th century is the cordless jumpstart pack.

With this handy tool, everyone can be a superhero. Carry it to a car that is struggling to start, clip it to the battery, and have an instant jump.

For a bonus, you can buy a larger battery pack with a built-in inverter that makes it possible to run computers and other devices off of it.

Now you have cool tunes, and all-day phone recharges built into one easy-to-carry device.

Might be the best gift idea ever made.