Simple Korean Skincare Routine with The Face Shop


Have you joined the bandwagon already?

Well, we all know that there’s an on-going craze about the 10-step Korean skincare routine.

But for those who don’t have the time to accomplish the 10-step skincare routine, let’s make life simple.

Having to do a lengthy skincare routine everyday must be exhausting but…

Good news! You can now have a much more simpler skincare routine.

A friendly reminder for beginners, looking for the right products for your skin is always the first step when it comes to having a skincare routine.

Korean skincare routine is one of the most patronized and that’s not only in Asia.

People from around the world are also going crazy for Korean cosmetics and this is one good reason for you to try it out too.

One of Korea’s pioneer cosmetic brands, The Face Shop, produces high-quality natural products that are tried and tested by many people from all over the world.

For enthusiasts, this brand is most likely not new to you, but for beginners, this brand could be a good start for you.

Let’s go through the simple Korean skincare routine step-by-step using recommended products from the brand.

First Step: Oil Cleanser

Cleansing is always the first step and the most important one too. Oil cleansers are designed to get rid of makeup, dead skin cells, and excess oils on your face.

(note: for mornings, you can skip this step and just splash your face with water.)

There are 2 The Face Shop cleansers you can choose from:

Rice Water Bright & Light Cleansing Oil – this is best for oily and combination type of skin.

Rice Water Rich Cleansing Oil – this is best for normal to dry skin.

How to use: Pump enough amount on your palm and gently spread it to your face. Massage gently until makeup is removed. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Second Step: Foam Cleanser

Cleanser again?! Is this necessary?!

Okay, so double cleansing is actually really healthy for your skin. As mentioned above, oil cleansers target excess oils, makeups, and dead skin cells. Having that first step gives foam cleanser more penetration to the skin so it can effectively remove grimes and sweat from the skin.

Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam is a great foam cleanser with multiple benefits such as reducing redness of the skin, fights acne, and gives a soft and silky finish. It also brightens your skin.

How to use: Apply enough amount on hands and make a lather, gently massage over face and neck. Rinse with lukewarm water and follow with cold water.

Third Step: Exfoliator

Should I exfoliate every day? Won’t it damage my skin?

Actually, this is a never-ending debate. Exfoliating has multiple benefits for the skin. It prevents clogged pores, and clogged pores are one of the reasons why you have breakouts. It also gives the following products a more effective penetration so you can get the maximum benefits of every product. You have the freedom to do it every day or every week. It depends on how your skin will react.

White Seed Exfoliating Foam Cleanser is a gentle exfoliating cleanser that contains brightening ingredients that will leave your face clean, smooth, and bright.

How to use: Foam enough by rubbing with wet hands and gently massage over the face. Rinse with warm water.

Fourth Step: Toner

Using toner has multiple benefits for our skin as well. Not only that it balances our skin’s pH level, it also helps shrink our pores while adding a layer of protection to our skin. Also, most K-beauty toners are designed to support other skin products.

White Seed Brightening Toner is a gentle moisturizing toner that helps with discoloration and hyperpigmentation while revitalizing and brightening skin.

How to use: Apply enough amount on cleaned skin.

Fifth Step: Serum

Serums are important as it focuses on your skin issues more than anything else. There are different types of serums and they contain a high concentration of active ingredients which makes them highly effective.

White Seed Brightening Serum is a type of serum that addresses skin complexion. It contains brightening and moisturizing ingredients that will definitely make your skin brighter and more radiant.

How to use: Take an adequate amount and gently apply to skin from inside out.

Sixth Step: Moisturizer

Moisturizing is important even if you don’t have any skincare routine. It makes you look younger and reduces the chance of you getting skin problems. Some get by only using cleanser and moisturizer for their skin and it works fine.

Rice & Ceramide Moisture Emulsion is an excellent moisturizer as it is packed with ingredients not only for moisture and hydration but also for repairing skin damage while leaving your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and brighter.

How to use: Take an adequate amount and apply evenly to the skin.

Korean cosmetics are a must-try especially for beginners who are trying to work their way into figuring out what products to have and to use.

The Face Shop offers great quality skincare products that are gentle to the skin which makes it a really nice start for newbies.

Let us know if this simple skincare routine works for you!

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