Six Ways To Handle Yourself After You Have Been Arrested

Being arrested is one thing that you hope to never come across in your life. Unfortunately, it is possible to find yourself arrested at some point, regardless of whether you are guilty or innocent. The way you behave after you have been arrested determines how big or how small your charges will be. As much as you are trying your best to avoid cases that may lead to your arrest, it is also wise to brace yourself with adequate information on what to expect after you have been arrested. Below are some of these ways as given by the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group through which you should handle yourself after arrest to avoid wrecking havocs to the already complicated situation.

Do Not Be Violent

Getting arrested, especially if you are not on the wrong, makes you not only frustrated but also annoyed. However, as much as you are annoyed, opting for violence as a way to claim your release ends up causing more harm than good. Therefore, as tempting as it may be, try your best and control the feeling that you may have of wanting to fight the arresting officers. After all, you will be fighting a lost battle since you are already arrested, and the officers who are arresting you could be armed. On the other hand, violence means an addition to your charges.

Be Quiet

After your arrest, you are told that whatever you say will be used against you in the court of law. Unfortunately, most people ignore this and continue talking after they have been arrested. As much as this may seem like a way to make the case easier for you, it will end you in more trouble. Strive to remain silent even if you have been arrested innocently. Talking during this time will make it harder for your lawyer to defend you. On the other hand, remember that remaining silent is your right after you have been arrested. Therefore, do not give in to answering every question that the officers may have.

Stop When You Are Told to Stop

Running is a way to get you out of trouble but does not work in the event of an arrest. As helpless as this is, most people tend to run away after they suspect or are told that they are under arrest. By running, you put yourself at risk of more charges, not to mention, you risk being shot by the police. That is because police assume that you are running away. After all, you have weapons, and pulling you is the best way to defend themselves. Therefore, as soon as you are instructed to stop, do it, and avoid any sudden movement. That is because it may make the police nervous, making them be a lot harder on you.

Do Not Permit A Search

During or after the arrest, the police may want to search your car, house, or any other premises to collect more evidence. More often than not, when police ask you whether they should do it, they probably do not have a warrant and are, therefore, seeking your consent. In case they ask you this, ensure that you tell them that they do not have your permission to do this. When you deny the authority, anything that they find cannot be used against you later. Therefore, be careful not to give the go-ahead for the search as this could then cost you a fortune in case they come across something that can be used against you.

Avoid Asking For Medical Help

Being arrested may make you feel sick and especially if you already have an existing medical condition. Additionally, you may have a panic or anxiety attack that may make you want to seek medical help. Ideally, according to the law, in case you ask for medical assistance, you ought to be taken to a hospital until you are well. However, unless your condition is unbearable, try as much as you can to avoid asking for medical help. That is because every day that you spend in the hospital will mean an extra day in prison since you will have to compensate. It is, therefore, advisable to ask if you can have someone bring the medication for you in case you need some instead of going to the hospital.

Do Not Admit Guilt

More often than not, admitting that you are guilty may seem like an excellent way to obtain favor. However, the opposite happens since admitting guilt leads to a more complicated case after the arrest. Therefore, even if you know that you are guilty, let your attorney be the only person who can declare you guilty after you have been taken to court.

An arrest can be stressful regardless of whether it was anticipated or not. Behaving well after your arrest is the surest way to help you avoid causing more problems to the already existing ones. Use the information above to help you know some of the best ways to handle yourself in the event of an arrest.