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We culled from different sources, and picked what we think are some of the world’s most unusual, peculiar beers that are and have been in the market. Check these out!

1. Brewmeister “Armageddon”

Announced in October of 2012 as the world’s most potent beer ever, it is manufactured by Scottish brewery Brewmeister. Its alcohol volume is a whopping 65% — so venture carefully if you decide to try it! The liquor is made of crystal malt, flaked oats, wheat, and pure Scottish mineral water. The method of brewing this liquor involves cooling it to below 0 degrees until it freezes and the beer’s alcohol content remains. Then the ice formed in it is removed leaving very strong alcohol content. This process leaves the beer tasting very, very strong and robust.

Chili beer challenge

2. Cave Creek Chili Beer

This gold-colored beer is brewed by Cerveceria Mexicana in Tecate, Mexico — a country known for its chilies. As you’ve read the name, this is really a spicy liquor from the aroma as well as the taste, of course. However making your tastebuds hot, it is otherwise a beer with well-balanced flavors. If you want some more “kick”, try this.

3. Bilk

If you’re lactose-intolerant but otherwise need to get your calcium fix, then this beer’s for you. Brewed in Japan, the idea was conceived after many dairy firms saw no use for left over milk. A bit like the Mongolian “kumis”, the fermented and alcoholic milk beverage. The genuinely alcoholic beverage has about 30% milk. Unfortunately, it’s not found anywhere near your local grocery or convenience store. You’ve got to fly to Japan to sample it.

4. “Miyamori Wasabi Dry”

This beer no longer exists, but it deserves to be here in the list — just because. It used to be brewed by Miyamori Brauhaus in Japan, and had a pale green color, which is unusual for a beer. Possessing a 5% alcohol content, it was rated by other drinkers as acrid, and as expected, having a burning sensation made by the essence of wasabi. So we could only guess that they were turned off by the fiery feeling that’s why this beer is not on the market anymore.

5. Wells Banana Bread Beer

A banana bread-flavored beer, why not? UK-based brewery Wells & Young concocts this quite unusual beer recipe. The beer — or ale — has a dark golden color, and contains 5.2% alcohol. The subtle aroma and flavor of ripe bananas make this beer one of Wells & Young’s popular sellers.

6. “Dark Star Espresso Coffee Beer”

If you want to have the ultimate night cap, then this beer might suit your needs. Dark brown in color (even almost black), this very bold and rich stout has the aroma and flavor of roasted coffee. It is brewed by Dark Star Brewing Company Ltd. in the UK., initially as a mere stout. Coffee fans who aren’t into drinking liquors might be encouraged to sample this one.

7. Manioc beer

“Manioc” is another term for cassava, a starchy root crop which is widely cultivated in tropical, arid regions like Africa and South America where manioc beer really comes from. This type of beverage is also known as “cauim”, “chicha” and “masato”. Other than the beer’s unique food source, the taste is just like any other beer, relatively dry. However, flavors and strength also depend on various fermentation and process. One of the more popular commercial beer brands made out of cassava is Impala, which is brewed by SABMiller. The brewery gets its cassava sources from Africa, mostly from Mozambique.

8. Dog beers

You’d sometimes wonder, “who really did the taste test for this kind of beer”? While you’re still searching for a decent answer to that, your dog may be otherwise happy to unwind with some cold, refreshing drink after a long, tiring day of canine frolicking. Dog beers are generally non-alcoholic and non-carbonated. But if you’d like to conduct your own taste test, well… you would not rather want to because all dog beers have the taste of a steak. There are a few dog beer brands in the world market, notably Kwispelbier in Holland.

9. Mamma Mia Pizza Beer

If you think that this is the beer to go great with pizzas, think again. A married couple from Illinois came up with this peculiar-tasting beer called “Mamma Mia Pizza Beer”. Rather than wasting your precious minutes chewing your pizza and then taking a beer gulp, “Mamma Mia Pizza Beer” is a time-saving solution — all you have to do is to drink the beer, just that. Some of the beer’s ingredients can also be found on a regular pizza — tomatoes, onions, garlic, an array of spices including basil and oregano — it’s drinking pizza. It saves you from the messy pizza boxes as well.

10. Southern Tier Imperial Creme Brulee Stout

Brewed by Southern Tier Brewing Co. in New York, it’s a favorite among many beer drinkers. Its sweet flavor with hints of caramel, vanilla and even chocolate, masks the beer’s 11% alcohol content (which is stronger compared to other beers). With its creamy foam and enticing vanilla-laced coffee aroma, you’d mistake this as anything else but beer.

One of the great things about beer are the many varieties, tastes, names, alcohol content and much more. If your a beer lover then the number of options is almost limitless. Enjoy!

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