Stumped on What to Wear to a Concert? We Have You Covered


Are you headed to a music festival or concert soon? Lucky you, as these events are some of the best ways to let loose, have fun and be in the moment.

But this also means that you are going to need to figure out the perfect outfit to wear that is both expressive and comfortable. Nothing is worse than being in an arena or festival grounds for hours on end feeling super uncomfortable – as it will be near impossible to get to enjoy the event.

That is why we have put together all the top outfits to consider wearing to your next concert. Selected for their versatility, comfort, style and ease to dance in, check out these solutions for your next concert ensemble.

1. Mens Graphic Tank Tops

At a concert, you are likely going to get a bit overheated. That is why you want to choose clothing that also allows for an easy airflow and keeps you feeling cool. Wearing mens graphic tank tops is a great selection for a top, as it is a practical design that will let you feel the breeze while also letting you have fun with the design. In fact, you can probably choose a mens graphic tank top that goes with the type of concert you are attending.

2. Sparkles and Rhinestones

Whether it be pants, tops or bags, going to a concert with shiny sparkles and rhinestones is totally in. The younger generation has brought this style back in full force and thank goodness for that. Sparkles and rhinestones help you feel happy, so why not wear something that will make you happy all concert long? You’ll have an extra shimmer when you dance and feel great about your vibe.

3. Crochet Shirts

If you have a rocking body that you want to show off, then consider wearing a crochet shirt to your next concert. These tops are a way to channel your inner hippie while also letting you be a little bit sexual too. These shirts go great with jean shorts and cowboy boots – don’t forget the hat too to complete the look.

4. Shorts and Sneakers

This duo is a great go-to for the concert wardrobe. Not only will you be able to feel comfortable and avoid getting overheated, but you can show off your amazing body as you dance the night away too. Jean shorts are a popular go-to, but even athletic shorts can work too. It just depends on the overall look you’re going for.

5. Bring a Bag

No outfit is complete without an accompanying bag that has all your essentials – from water to an extra mens graphic tank top in case your other top gets spilled on at the concert. While bags are practical, they can also be an extension of any outfit that you decide to wear. From backpacks to totes, you can select the one that feels right for your outfit.

6. Bring Out the Shades

Even if you are going to a concert that is indoors, you can still rock the sunglasses as part of your outfit. In fact, we’d say they are one of the most important concert accessories to bring. You don’t want to be blinded by the bright lights and miss seeing all the action on stage. So wear those shades and feel like a rockstar yourself. Chances are, others may mistake you as a rockstar too.

7. Rock the Jeans

Of course, another staple clothing item for your concert attire are jeans. These pair perfectly with your mens graphic tank tops or even a crochet top. They are especially perfect for going to a country concert or music festival. But they really can work for a range of musical genres. So if you have your favorite pair of jeans already, take them out and make them part of your concert ensemble.

8. Look Cool in Leather

Of course, there is also that cool factor you’ll want to have as part of your concert outfit. One great way to do that is by wearing leather – whether that be in the form of rave chaps or a leather jacket. It will also depend on the type of concert you are going to as well, because you can find yourself getting a bit overheated in a leather jacket if you plan on doing a lot of dancing during the gig.


These 8 wardrobe ideas are just the start when it comes to creating the perfect concert outfit. At the end of the day, it all really comes down to finding pieces that you feel great in and are happy to wear for long periods of time. The outfit you pick should be an extension of yourself. From mens graphic tank tops to leather jackets, what will you be wearing?

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