Surprisingly Smart Celebrities

More often than not, celebrities get a bad (and often undeserved and unfounded) rap for having a lot of looks but not much brains. So you will be surprised to find out that some celebrities are super smart and have high IQ’s!


The sexy Colombian singer-songwriter, dancer and musician has the brains to match her swaying hips — she has an IQ of 140! Shakira speaks three languages fluently and is also a world history lover.


The Oscar-winning actress is known as one of Hollywood’s brainiest celebs. She has a degree in psychology from Harvard and speaks five languages. No wonder that she has an IQ of 140!


Asia Carrera is one of the few porn stars who possesses big brains (apart from big “anything else” if you know what we mean). She has an IQ of 156 which makes her one of the members of the prestigious Mensa! During her teenage years she taught English at a school in Japan, her father’s home country.


The Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill director has an amazing IQ of 160! Maybe that explains the complex structure of many of his films.


The ditzy blonde Phoebe in the sitcom Friends is actually smart in real life! Lisa Kurdrow has a degree in biology from the prestigious Vassar College. Before joining the cast of Friends, Kudrow worked as a medical researcher for eight years and conducted a clinical research on headaches. She has an IQ of 154.


O’Brien and Lisa Kudrow have been friends since they started in show business. Like Kudrow, O’Brien is also one of the super-smart celebrities. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, where he had also served as president of the campus humor magazine Harvard Lampoon. And oh, the carrot-topped comedian and talk show host has an IQ of 160 for good measure!


You’ve got to admire this action star for more than his big biceps — he also has big brains to show! Lundgren received a chemistry degree at the Washington State University, a chemical engineering degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, and a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Sydney.

That’s not all — he was also awarded a Fulbright scholarship from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Lundgren speaks his native language Swedish as well as English, plus some knowledge in five other languages. His IQ is 160…. phew! If we can’t have your brawns, Mr. Lundgren, can we have some of your brains then?


Why do a lot of smart people play idiotic or goofy characters? Anyway, Kutcher was pursuing an undergraduate degree in biochemical engineering at the University of Iowa when he dropped to pursue modeling. The former Punk’d and That 70s Show star’s IQ is reported to be 160.


The X-Files star holds a degree in English literature from Princeton University and a master’s degree at Yale University. He was pursuing a Ph.D. work but left it unfinished to do a beer commercial, which marked the start of his showbiz career.


The actress who played a neuroscientist in the Big Bang Theory is in fact a neuroscientist too, in real life! She studied at UCLA where she received a degree of neuroscience (with minors in Hebrew and Jewish studies) as well as a Ph.D.


The man who has played a lot of silly characters is an intellectual in real life. He received a degree in philosophy at Cal State and even almost became a professor. His IQ is reported to be 142.


Woods got an almost-perfect SAT score of 1580 (1600 is the highest score) and achieved a flawless 800 on the exam’s verbal section. He also took linear algebra at UCLA while still in high school, and later majored in political science at the MIT until he dropped to pursue acting. Woods’ IQ is a whopping 184!