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Table foosball – this is the name of the “sport” that is not only practiced in pubs. Because in addition to the amusing pastime of foosball in bars, pubs or cafes, world championships are now even held there. This probably also shows that table foosball has a certain popularity. Foosball is played in a slightly different context, namely on, or rather, with a table. The 11 versus 11 format is retained, however.

Playing foosball is most fun when you have the best tricks and foosball tips on it and thus bring your opponent to the verge of desperation. In this post, we will tell you which basics you should know about table foosball and which you can use to improve your table foosball skills with defensive variants, shot variants and tactics. We have selected these 8 foosball tips for your success:

Tips for Beginners Table Foosball

As the name suggests, table foosball is played on a table. On the table is an ordinary rectangular soccer field with two goals on opposite short sides. These gates are embedded in the all-round band on the short sides. Otherwise, the playing field also has the usual playing field lines, e.g. the center line or the sixteen line. In addition, four rods run through the long sides of the foosball table. These run across the playing field and are the brackets for the players.

There are also handles at both ends of the bars, which the player can use to control his game. With the help of this rotatable bar, the players can be rotated 360 degrees. This rotation is essential to be able to hit the ball correctly. However, it is also recommended to check out the foosball table reviews at PlayingSpoiler before buying a one.

Team Handling the Field

Each team, for example the red and blue team, has four handles to operate on its respective long side. The first grip serves the goalkeeper, the second the two defenders, the third grip the five-man midfield and the front one the three attackers. Basically, you can compete against each other either in singles or in doubles.

In doubles, one player takes on the offensive (midfield and attack) and the other player takes on the defensive (defense and goalkeeper).

One of the most important table foosball tips is to know how a game works. Basically, it’s about scoring more goals than the opposing team. Most foosball tables have a score display behind the two goals. With this, the own number of goals must or should be changed after each goal scored in order to maintain an overview.

In addition, the “size” of the score display often determines the length of a game, for example a maximum of ten goals to be scored. In pubs it is often the case that the player has to pay around 50 cents in order to be able to play with 10 balls, for example. After a goal has been scored, the ball remains in the foosball table and does not fall out again in order to be able to continue playing with it. Not to forget the score display is also one of the foosball tips.

The enthusiasm and concentration in the sport

Table foosball has, among other things, to do with concentration, but also with fitness. For the successful performance in a game against an opponent, the technical skills are primarily important, for example ball control. For optimal control of the play equipment, the ball should generally be wedged at the apex between the play figure and the ground. So the ball can neither roll backwards nor forwards and be held in its own ranks. Should the ball slip away a little, there is always the possibility to correct this?

If the ball is too far back, you can knock the handle lightly to get the play equipment to slide forward. If the ball is too far forward, a gentle wipe can ensure that it falls back into an ideal position. The second important aspect of table foosball is the safe passing game between and within your own rows. This is one of the most important table foosball tips, because the passing game must always be trained. Professionals also recommend maintaining the correct posture next to the table.

In addition to being able to stand comfortably on the foosball table, a smooth movement of the handle should also be possible for a successful game. In addition, some rules are important: If the ball is left between the two rows in the middle, for example, the team that received the last goal receives the ball. If the ball comes to a standstill in another area of ​​the field, i.e. if it is dead, then play is continued from the closest defensive area.

Midfield tips

The midfield is the linchpin of the table foosball game. As with big foosball, it is the starting point for the passes on the offensive. In addition, it represents the link between offensive and defensive. In its own attacking movement, the midfield is responsible for playing the decisive pass into the interface. If the opposing midfield or defense has the ball, an attempt should be made in your own midfield to prevent the pass into the opposing offensive line. When passing play with the midfield row, there is a basic rule that should always be observed. The basics in sports is that a pass is always made over two figures. This means that the pass is not made with the player with whom the ball was previously pinched. This applies to both a straight or diagonal pass. However, as on the big foosball field, it is important that the passport is also a secure passport. For beginners this means: First of all, practice and rehearse the simple and straight pass. Then, use Playing Spoiler for reviews and info to better understand the things.

The gang pass

As its name suggests, the gang pass takes place along the gang and is therefore always a simple, straight pass. The ball must be hit exactly by your own midfielder, who is closest to the board, in order to run straight along the wall. It is important that the ball is put down by a second player before it is played along the board. In addition, make sure that your offensive series is prepared for the gang pass and can then accept and use it. For beginners, the gang pass is probably the easiest pass option. If your opponent adjusts to this and prevents this pass path, the edge pass can help.


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