Amazing abandoned churches in Potsdam, Germany

A PHOTOGRAPHER has captured the crumbling remains of some of the world’s places of worship. The haunting images, shot by…

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Learn About the Amazing Sheep Sea Slug

Even with all the research and explorations over the centuries, the fact is that most of our planet remains unexplored.…

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Amazing Abandoned Places

There’s something weird and eerie about abandoned places, whether it’s an abandoned house or train station, every one of them…

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Strange and Unusual Places that Actually Exist

Most of us have probably heard of or even visited popular travel destinations such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris,…

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The Fascinating History of Cave Art

The Fascinating History of Cave Art Cave art or cave paintings are one of the world’s first works of art.…

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Amazing Discoveries and Facts About the Sumerian Civilization

The Sumer civilization is known to be one of the oldest civilization in Southern Mesopotamia, which is now known as…

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The Greatest Scientist in the 18th Century

The 18th century saw developments in science and technology. The theories, ideas, inventions, and practices progressed and developed during this…

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Amazing and Unusual Roman Mythology Stories

Aside from their great architectures and astounding sights, Rome is also known for its mystical stories about their origination and…

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Interesting Countries that have Vanished in the Last Century

There are thousands of countries, cities, and towns that have vanished to time. Some of the countries just decided to…

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Amazing and Unusual Inventions of the Mayans

The Maya are groups of indigenous people in Mexico and Central America. They are often mistakenly thought to have long…

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The World’s Most Amazing Bridges

Bridges are an important symbol in any culture.  They represent over coming and cross the gap.  Bridges have pushed mankind…

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