Fun Facts About The Doris Day Show

Despite all the problems that she encountered, Doris remained optimistic in life. She chose to be happy, not merely for herself, but for her loved ones

A ‘wholesome’ sitcom paired with a chart-topping introduction song- this describes the Doris Day Show! Unlike other sitcoms, the Doris Day Show always remained extra sensitive to its audience. This sets it apart from many other sitcoms, which used language that might not be suitable for young audiences–all in order to bring … Read more

Interesting Facts About In Living Color

Interesting Facts About In Living Color

In Living Color was the brainchild of comedian Keenen Ivory Wayans and ran for five seasons (1990-1994). This comedy sketch series broke several grounds (for having a multi-ethnic ensemble cast, among other things) that were unprecedented in American television. However, it also courted some controversy from its parent network Fox, the censors, … Read more

Introduction to Vicki Lawrence

Vicki Lawrence

Who is Vicki Lawrence? Born Vicki Anne Axelrad, Vicki Lawrence is an Emmy-winning actress, comedienne, and singer, mostly known by her 11-year stint on The Carol Burnett Show until the program folded in 1978; afterwards, she starred on her own sitcom Mama’s Family, which was based on her famous role fromThe Carol … Read more

Dickie Goodman: The King of Novelty

Dickie Goodman

Introduction Dickie Goodman (born Richard Dorian Goodman in 1934 – died in 1989), was an American music producer whose records specialized in comedy. He is credited for popularizing comedy and novelty genre of recording, especially for having introduced sound clips taken from popular songs as a wisecracking reply to the actors on … Read more