Types of Pendant Lights

Types of Pendant Lights

A pendant light is any light fixture that hangs from the ceiling. It can be on a chain, cord, rod, or other suspension gear. Whether you hang them in a row at different heights or feature a solo design in your living room, pendant lights have become the luminaire of choice, especially … Read more

What are Those Mysterious Moon Flashes of Light?

What are Those Mysterious Moon Flashes of Light

For thousands of years, astronomers have been interested in and baffled by the moon and because of this, which of course culminated on the moon landing. This move helped researchers and astronomers make observations from afar and even if there have been many notable moon-related discoveries that were revealed since humanity reached … Read more

Is Blood Blue?

There are a lot of myths about the human body which are sometimes difficult to imagine. Some of them just came from some misconceptions of other people and passed on to others. It is sometimes amusing to think that some people believe certain myths even though there are no proof or evidence … Read more