Science Fiction

Learn About the Classic Science Fiction TV Show the Outer Limits

The Outer Limits is an American science fiction television series that aired on ABC from September 1963 to January 1965…

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Star Trek Quotes

Check out these top 10 Star Trek quotes!

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15 Best Doctor Who Villians

Let’s face it: Doctor Who won’t be Doctor Who without the baddies! Over the years the longest-running sci-fi series on the planet…

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History of Sci-Fi Monsters, Heroes and Villains

  The classic characters of science fiction In every story, there should be a hero and a villain, and it’s…

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Overview of the X-Files

  What is the X-Files? The X-Files story centers on two protagonists, FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.…

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“Doctor Who” Celebrates 50 Years of Time Travel

    The beginning of “Doctor Who” The popular British sci-fi series Doctor Who celebrates its 50 years of exciting, and…

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The Twilight Zone – its impact on American television history

  Introduction to “The Twilight Zone,” a classic series The Twilight Zone, a sci-fi/horror and suspense television series, was one…

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The History of The Six Million Dollar Man

Definition of the hit sci-fi series   The Six Million Dollar Man is a science fiction television series, based on…

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Top Science Fiction Movies of All Time

Science fiction as a movie genre is pretty recent but that’s what’s been rocking the cinemas for the past fifty…

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Top 10 Science Fiction Authors

  Science fiction may be a pretty recent literary genre compared to other genres but it has already produced many…

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Review of Stargate Universe

A good premise The idea seems so cool – an ancient space ship, some mysterious “intelligent” signal coming from the…

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