Unforgettable Sneaker Controversies

a pair of Air Jordan I shoes

Controversies in the running shoes and sneakers world are nothing new. Every major shoe company has, at least, faced some sort of backlash over the years for several issues, including (but not limited to): ill-conceived design, disastrous branding, and a complete historical oversight. But as one would say, bad publicity is still … Read more

The Success Story of Nike

feet with black nike shoes jumping over a puddle of water

It’s impossible that no one has heard of or read about Nike, the most dominant sportswear company today. Although Nike has expanded its merchandise that includes sports equipment, streetwear fashion, and collectibles, it’s the sneakers (such as running shoes) that will always be sought after by its millions of customers and loyal … Read more

The History of Reebok

Reebok store facade

Reebok, a footwear and sportswear brand, has been the subsidiary of parent company Adidas since the latter acquired it in 2005. This acquisition allowed Adidas to compete more directly with its rivals, most especially Nike. Before Nike made its ubiquitous presence in the sneakers market and popular culture, it took some critical … Read more

The History of Asics

Asics outlet store

One of the Asian sportswear companies that have made a significant presence on the global market, Asics (often written as “ASICS”) is a multinational Japanese company founded in 1949 – 15 years before the world’s top sneakers company Nike was born. Did you know that the early history of Asics and Nike … Read more

The Types of Sneaker Cushioning Technologies

White Nike Sneakers

Over the years since the introduction of the midsole cushioning technology in the 1970s, top sneaker brands like Nike and Adidas have been finding ways to improve the build and performance of their running shoes and performance sneakers. Most of them are focused on providing the best midsole cushioning to increase comfort … Read more

History of Adidas

A wide-angle shot of an adidas store

Nike is the undisputed master of hype. Ask any dyed-in-the-wool sneakerhead, and they’ll tell you it’s Nike. But when it comes to the technological arms race among the world’s top sneaker brands, it could be easily argued that Adidas might as well maneuver to overtake Nike. Adidas is a bit of a … Read more

What Are Minimalist Shoes?

Blue FiveFingrers minimalist shoe

While minimalism had been around since the mid-20th century, it became a stronger trend towards the end of the century and into the new millennium. Minimalism’s famous “less is more” aphorism has become “less is now” as an urgent call for today’s consumerist society. In this lifestyle, one has to let go … Read more

The Interesting History of the Plimsoll’s Athletic Shoe Name

black Vans plimsolls with red design details

The evolution of shoes is a dynamic and never-ending tale. From the fundamental and practical need to cover and protect our feet, it turned into a fast-growing industry in which design is just as important as functionality and comfort. We are all familiar with running shoes and sneakers, but not a lot … Read more

The Trend of Sneakers Becoming Part of Fashion

Athletic shoes have made their mark on the way we dress, in our style, and as well as in our lives. Many names have been used to describe them. We call them trainers, kicks or sneakers. These shoes have developed and become part of our daily clothes since its invention in the … Read more

The History of Running Shoes

The History of Running Shoes

The first running shoe is a relatively new invention – it dates back about 200 years. However, it’s much older than you could probably imagine. The first sneakers were made of leather, which unfortunately had the tendency to stretch when wet, and wore out very quickly. Also, the first runners were not … Read more