Terrazzo Tiles: Bringing Out the Unique Beauty of Marble


Terrazzo tiles have made a huge comeback in recent years, with more and more homeowners incorporating these beautiful tiles into their interiors. This style of tile has been around since the fifteenth century, created when marble workers would mix their leftover pebbles with clay in an effort to come up with new materials that they could use. Over time, the clay was replaced by cement, and the first Terrazzo floors came to life. “Terrazzo” is the Latin word for terrace, and this was the name given to this style of tile as terraces and other outdoor areas are where these were generally used.

Over time, the Terrazzo style became more popular and started to be used inside homes as well as in outdoor spaces. Nowadays, an increasing number of homeowners are choosing to incorporate Terrazzo tiles into their homes in bathrooms, kitchens, worktops and feature walls in their homes. There are countless different styles that you can choose from nowadays with something to suit every taste, style and budget. Check out the extensive range of Terrazzo tiles by Tilemall to get a feel for just how many different options there are to choose from and to find some inspiration for your bathroom design project. By utilising Terrazzo tiles in your home, you can quickly add a touch of class and sophistication to your interior.

Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons that you should consider using Terrazzo tiles in your home’s decor.

Unlimited Design Options

One of the very best things about Terrazzo tiles is the vast design options that these tiles offer. There are quite simply unlimited options with what you can achieve. The flecks of marble that shine through in these tiles can really help to elevate your bathroom or kitchen in a way that other tiles might struggle to do. No matter what your tastes, design preferences, or colour choices are, you can be sure that you will find a Terrazzo tile option to meet your needs.

Create A Lasting Impact

In many homes, straight-edged, plain-coloured, glossy tiles are the preferred solution. While this is certainly a safe option, why not step outside of the box and create a more interesting, elaborate and captivating design that will make a lasting impact? Whether you are moving into a new property and completely gutting your bathroom or you’re redesigning your current bathroom space, you need to ensure that you come up with a design that you are truly proud of, that reflects your personality, and that makes a lasting impression.

Incredible Durability

Tile is a very durable material and is one of the main reasons it is so popular in high-traffic areas of homes such as kitchens and bathrooms. Terrazzo tile, however, is even more durable In fact, the average life span of Terrazzo tiles is a staggering seventy-five years, making Terrazzo tiles the ideal choice for any homeowners looking for a solution that will truly stand the test of time. If you are looking for an incredibly durable, hard-wearing tile for those high-traffic areas of your home, worktops or workplaces, you can’t go wrong with tough Terrazzo tiles.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

While aesthetics are definitely important, you also want to ensure that the tiling you choose is easy to clean and maintain. The last thing any homeowner wants is to have to spend hours scrubbing their tiles clean of stains or putting in extra work to keep their tiles looking well-maintained. Terrazzo tiles can be cleaned effectively with water-based, environmentally-friendly cleaning products making them the ideal choice for those homeowners that want to avoid nasty chemicals. Terrazzo tile flooring can be cleaned with just a damp mop and will only need to be buffed occasionally, making them the ideal choice for homeowners that don’t want to spend any more time cleaning and polishing their home than necessary.

Bring Out The Unique Beauty Of Marble With Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are a great choice for many reasons, just some of which are listed above. However, one of the main reasons that Terrazzo tiles are so popular with homeowners nowadays is simply because they look great and add an air of class and sophistication to your home that other tiles can’t compete with. With the right style, colour and finish, you can ensure that you bring out the beauty of marble in your home’s interior and take your decor to the next level.

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