The Battle for Top Four Which London Teams are Going to the UCL Next Season


With the 2021/2022 UCL season almost done and only one game left, we’re on to see the roaster for next season’s Champions League. So, if you want to engage in Champions League betting next season, you need to know what teams would be among the fray to know who to back.

One of the biggest nations in the UCL is England, and the representatives are important. In that case, we are looking at the teams likely to represent next season. Undoubtedly, Liverpool and Manchester City have already sealed their spot in the UCL for next season, leaving the battle for 3rd and 4th place.

After Manchester United’s heavy defeat to Brighton, they are down and out of the UCL race. Next season, their only hope for European football is the Europa League and Conference League. In that case, the remaining teams with a chance to make it to the UCL next season are from the capital.

Three London teams are vying for two spots, and two of them still need to play each other, and Tottenham’s resilience to pick a point at Anfield kept them in the fray. In that case, the fight for the top four will be a London showdown, and the two best teams from the Capital will get to represent the country in the 2022/2023 UEFA Champions League tournament.

Chelsea’s Overview

At the start of the season, Chelsea was racing to win the EPL this season. However, after some issues with player fitness, COVID, and injuries, the team fell to a series of defeats in December, dropping them lower on the log and into third place. They’ve since continued to struggle to catch up with the top two.

Because of some bad results, the team had to settle for third place, and they thought there was nothing to fight for, but the bad results became worse. As a result, they are drawn into the top four battle with the other London teams. However, there is a high chance they will make it to Europe. They only need one win from three, and they’ve sealed their spot in the UCL next season.

Although the Blues will be facing teams from the bottom half of the log, it will not be easy, especially against Leeds, who are fighting to stay up another season. So, they would need to be at their best when they play their next game to avoid repeating the game against Wolverhampton Wanderers at the bridge.

Arsenal’s Overview

Arsenal has come a long way this season. It has not been easy for the team. They’ve worked so hard to enter the European conversation, and with a little bit of luck, they can make it to the Champions League. Their fate remains in their hands, and 4th place is for them to lose.

It will be an easy feat, but the team has shown that they can take the step to do wonders. The Gunners are a young budding team that relies on their youngsters to take action and deliver. In addition to that, they have a young coach. Therefore, we might be seeing an Arsenal team that plays together for a long time.

With a few games to go and an epic London Derby, Arsenal only needs to win their next three games to qualify for the UCL. However, this is not going to be easy for the team because they have to find a way to manage the pressure, given that the youngsters lack the experience other rivals have.

Tottenham’s Overview

Tottenham’s draw against Liverpool gave them the much-needed lifeline, and the interesting part is that their next showdown is against Arsenal. Therefore, it will be an epic battle to showcase their talent and take back their fate. We understand how London Derbies can get, and it has never been easy for any team.

Tottenham would have to win their next three games to get the chance to qualify for a place in the UCL group stages. Therefore, this is a battle that might go on to the last day of the season. In that case, neutrals would have an excellent right as we get closer to the finish line. Aside from the London Derby, Tottenham has two relatively easy games to play. However, no team is easy in the EPL.

Remaining Matches

Chelsea has the best chance to qualify for the UCL this season as they do not have to play any top team again this season. In addition to that, they only need a win from their last three to seal their spot. Therefore, it is not a difficult task as they are expected to win all three remaining matches.

However, they would be focused on their FA Cup final against Liverpool, which can cause some distractions. But they have the best chance to qualify. On the other hand, Arsenal and Tottenham have a score to settle as they not only face in just any London Derby and battle it out in a North London Derby.

As a result, the battle for the top four just got better, and the derby might be the decider for who makes it to the Champions League next season.

Our Predictions and Thoughts

With the current standings and remaining games, we believe Chelsea will make it to the UCL next season. However, we can’t tell who would enter at number four. The North-London Derby would decide, but we think Tottenham might just snatch the fourth spot from Arsenal before the end of the season.


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