The Best and Tastiest Sardinian Food You Need to Try


Have you heard of Sardinia? A beautiful island region in Italy that boasts an interesting ancestral culture and more interesting cuisine. Sardinia has unique traditional meals that endear people to it, no matter where they’re from.

Sardinian food has a very unique taste that is unlike any you have tried before. Although the taste is different, the reactions of people who have had it are always the same; excitement, enjoyment, and adulation.

Most traditional Sardinian foods are made with lamb or pork, as well as sheep cheese, which is quite understandable because most people in Sardinia are sheep farmers.

Whether you plan to visit Sardinia, or you want to taste the flavors of Sardinia At Arco Cafe, here are some great Sardinian meals you must try.

1. Sebadas

Sebadas are the most famous Sardinian sweets, and their fame even makes it outside the shores of Sardinia. This delicious sweet is made by stuffing a thin dough with mild cheese that has been cooked with lemon peel and sugar and then fried in hot oil before being served hot with lots of honey.

2. Pasta and soups

Italy’s love and preference for pasta make it to Sardinia. However, the pasta in Sardinia is prepared differently than in other regions. Pasta in Sardinia is made with unique sauces, fillings, and even shapes. In fact, pasta dishes in Sardinia are often set aside for special occasions because of how unique and elaborate they can be. They are made with only the best ingredients and by only the best cooks. The same goes for the soups in Sardinia. You get them at the restaurants like Arco Cafe and you’ll love them.

3. Sardinian aperitivo

The best Sardinian cold cuts and cheese you can find is the Sardinian-style aperitivo. This cuisine is an ensemble of pancetta, ham, lard, sausage, and varied aged cheese accompanied by bread and olives. The meal isn’t complete until a glass or bottle of delicious local wine is added to the try as well.

4. Pecorino Sardo

There is a seemingly endless list of varieties of Pecorino cheese throughout Sardinia. Whether you want it semi-fresh, medium, or even hard, you can get it. However, bear in mind that the flavor of the cheese is stronger the harder it gets. The hard cheese, called stagionato has a peppery flavor and taste.

5. Bread

When you think of bread in Sardinia, think of an endless list and endless possibilities because the kinds of bread in the city are so numerous. In fact, traditional bread in Sardinia is so famed and diverse that the Ethnographic Museum of Nuoro in Sardinia has a whole exhibit dedicated to traditional bread.

Bread in Sardinia is mostly made with natural yeast called su framentu; at least the most common ones are.

6. Pane carasau

Many people will tell you that Pane carasau is the most famous Sardinian bread in other regions outside Sardinia. They are thin and crispy, and when you add salt and olive oil, you have what is called “pani guttiau.”

You find this bread in supermarkets outside Sardinia and many people can’t seem to get enough of it.

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