The best clothes of the 80s

Surely one of the most loved decades even by those who didn’t live it, the 80s have become inspirational due to the many things and styles they popularized. If you also like everything that revolves around this period, you will love to discover the iconic clothes of the 80’s.

Loose-fitting Pants

The 80’s was a golden period for trousers of all kinds. In particular, the baggy trousers that people loved to wear on the dance floor. Wearing these trousers is sure to add a retro touch to your outfit greatly. As well as being great clothes to embellish 80s inspired outfits, they will also offer you great comfort on a daily basis. So if you like comfortable clothing and retro style, oversized, baggy trousers are a must.

Colorful Jackets

The 80’s was also a golden age for jackets, far from today’s standards. Whether it’s a bomber, leather jacket or windbreaker, you’ll love the vintage touches. Especially the color block jackets that are sure to make your style shine. Eighties jackets that will add great color to your outfit and are perfect for wearing in autumn or winter. Retro jackets that are not always easy to wear, but if you find the right outfit you are sure to get a great 1980s look.

Hoodies & Sweaters

If you’re looking for a good retro inspired winter outfit, hoodies and sweaters are great for that. Especially the sweaters released by sports brands like Nike and Adidas, that perfectly represent the early streetwear vibe. It’s also the beginning of graphic hoodies of all kinds also inspired by the beginning of the geek culture. Now online stores like Hoodype are even dedicated to graphic pullover hoodies. A wide range of possibilities between sportswear and prints of all kinds that will allow you to create great retro outfits.


It’s hard to talk about the iconic products of the 80s without talking about sneakers. Shoes that seduced young people all over the world in less than 10 years. And it’s also hard to use any other word than “classic” to define many retro sneakers. It’s quite simple, with each major brand of the time you have many classics that are still very easy to wear today. It’s up to you to find the rare pearls that suit you at Nike, New Balance, Adidas or Reebok. And don’t forget that many of these sneakers have been reproduced.

Denim Clothes

The 1980s is also the popularization of all kinds of clothes made with denim fabrics. Obviously the jeans with comfortable cuts as we saw in the first point, but also the jackets. Clothes that may seem quite basic and monotonous, but denim clothes have many styles. Like black denim, embroidery, different shades of blue or washed effect. Many things that will make sure you find denim clothes for you and that will give a unique touch to your vintage outfits.

Graphic Tees

In the same wave as the graphics hoodies, the graphic tees were also very popular in the 80s. Notably thanks to the numerous cultural references that appeared. Essential if you have favorite movies, artists or games from the 80s or 90s. Especially since you don’t even need to make great retro outfits to wear them, as these t-shirts are still very popular and worn today. Like hooded sweatshirts, graphic tees are also very comfortable to wear as they often feature a loose fit.

Summer Shirts

Colorful shirts with patterns that share good vibes are still popular today but mostly only when you are near the beach. In the 80s and 90s people dared to wear them in many more places, and it was totally right. This is because wearing this kind of shirt with all kinds of colorful patterns is a great way to choose positive vibes for your days. You don’t have to wear a very extravagant shirt to work, but there are so many cool retro shirts that you can find for all kinds of situations.

Hair Accessories

Other iconic products of the 80’s are the hair accessories, products notably popularized by Madonna who loved to wear all kinds of accessories for her beautiful hairstyles. The most popular of them are the bandana, the scrunchies or the hair bows. Cool and easily visible accessories to add a great touch to your outfit with your favorite colors. Get these kinds of accessories and feel like Madonna in the 80s during your daily outings.


You now know all the main clothes that made this period so iconic in terms of styles. Now it’s up to you to put together some great 80s inspired outfits that fit you. Outfits inspired by the 80’s that are sure to add great things to your style and share good vibes around you.