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If you haven’t thought about the role of regular validation of your customer base before, now is the right time. Many skeptical marketers might say, “We got by without it and the email campaigns were very successful!” But were they? Maybe conservative email marketing specialists simply have nothing to compare with. And they still focus on indicators of bygone days? But why not try to take your campaigns to a whole different level, where your ROI is at least 50% higher? One might say that these are all airy dreams. We would dare to assure you that high-quality verification of data from your subscriber list is capable of more.

Today we’ll discuss the benefits of email validation, what types of validation are there, and how they benefit email marketing. With the help of our guide, you can increase traffic, attract new customers, improve relationships with your subscribers, and acquire reliable business partners.

The key to the success of the advertising mailing

Sending advertising correspondence to the entire customer base or to its individual categories is the main task of mass mailing. Email marketing is primarily used for:

  • informing about technical issues (order fulfillment status, registration data);
  • collecting feedback (assessments, resolving conflict situations, commenting on orders);
  • announcement of future promotions, the upcoming season of discounts, competitive programs;
  • direct sales and attracting additional traffic to the site.

At the same time, the success of such marketing activities relies on the depth of personalization of letters. The most important thing here is whether your email prompted an action from your subscriber. Here, let’s talk about the advertising mailing effectiveness. 

Email marketing from A to Z or some compelling facts

In order not to be verbose, here are some awesome facts about email marketing:

  • with smart, pain-centered technology for your business, you can achieve stunning ROI in a short time frame;
  • over 80% of small businesses are focused on perfecting tools for email marketing ;
  • 5 US retail professionals out of 6 rely upon email marketing;
  • more than 2 million emails are sent every 2 seconds worldwide;
  • 100 million more active participants in email marketing processes each year;
  • every year the number of emails sent daily increases by 18 million. 

Before you check on email, here are some more reasons for emarketing. 

Additional Information

Have you ever heard that welcome emails sent to new users are opened 82 times out of 100? At the same time, personalized content aimed at meeting individual customer needs can increase the return on investment in email marketing by half. 

Contact base verification: definition, varieties

Validating accounts in your database means proving that every subscriber is actually a real person. Email validators are those services that verify email. Such software can be both local (software that you download to your PC) and cloud (online platforms that work non-stop). Next, we will talk about cloud verifiers as the most convenient and advanced tools. Such services provide 2 types of services:

  1. API check. This type of verification is usually integrated into a corporate system or website. When a web visitor enters the desired address, then the system conducts a test. The result will appear shortly. 
  2. Bulk mailing list check on the service corporate website. You can upload a data file here, and, after completing the check, upload a cleaned list. You should pay for such services, because you get about 98% accurate results. 

We listed some strengths of validity of email address to demonstrate how important it is to acquire the best service option that meets your business needs. 

Email validation and its benefits

In brief, email validation allows to:

  • minimize soft and hard bounce;
  • increase the speed and percentage of letters delivery;
  • improve and maintain the reputation of IP / domains;
  • deepen the personalization of every letter;
  • increase your campaign ROI.

All benefits are achieved with a variety of verification tools. First of all, this is a search for accounts where syntax errors were made, as well as duplicate contacts. Deeper verification includes spam trap detection, domain validation, MX records, SMTP connection verification. 

Focus of your company on a high-quality contact base

Well, are you ready to answer how much is your company focused on the quality of the subscriber base? If you paid little attention to list hygiene before, use the simple, accurate and free email address verifier now! The Proofy cloud service offers you an easy and quick way to get rid of inactive and problematic email addresses in a couple of clicks. All that is required of you is to register on the company’s website and download a document with a subscriber base for verification. A high-quality check is absolutely free, as you will receive 500 credits immediately after subscribing. More free checks (up to 100,000 checks) can be obtained by participating in one of the many loyalty programs. 

So, create an account on Proofy to:

  1. increase the ROI of email marketing by 50%;
  2. understand what a truly healthy base is;
  3. exclude 4 types of addresses that hurt your campaigns;
  4. gain invaluable experience with an advanced electronic data validation service.

If you are really focused on success, then check on email in automated mode will become a real Klondike for your business!

Email validation and its benefits for marketing campaigns

Click on to increase your email deliverability up to 98.5% using the free version or paying only $0.006 / per check! 

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