The Best Platforms for Shopping Electronics in UAE: Noon and Ubuy


Retail is now E-tail

Among the hottest businesses in the world right one, online shopping is technology’s gift to mankind. Bringing the mall to our homes with myriad choices and options, e-commerce has changed the face of the retail industry. From those long and tiresome errands to the mall, to now shopping right from our smartphones, online shopping is the epitome of easy living: an embodiment of the 21st century at its finest.

Making shopping easier and brands accessible to everyone, a host of e-commerce platforms have popped up, bringing the best of brands and products to us. From hot deals to latest launches, all your shopping is now done from home, with your desired products delivered right to your doorstep. All the shopping you can indulge in, all the brands you adore coupled with big discounts- online shopping is truly a boon for the modern-day man!

We now look at two of the hottest online shopping platforms that allow you to ace the online shopping game.

Swoon with Noon

The pride of the UAE, Noon is the region’s premier and most sought-after e-tailer. With big brands, unlimited choices and even bigger deals, Noon is your one true companion in online shopping. Set up to cater to the huge demand for online shopping in the Middle East, Noon is the result of the coming together of some of the retail industry’ biggest names in the UAE. Ideated to be a one-stop-solution to all your online shopping needs, Noon offers world-class services. With products from all categories you need, made affordable with Noon Coupon Codes, Noon offers quick delivery of your orders to your home. All the shopping you can indulge in, from the comfort of your living room!

We now take a quick look at its operations:

  • Noon offers services in the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • All major categories like fashion, lifestyle, beauty, electronics, household, and groceries are provided for.
  • Shop for the biggest brands, and their latest offerings, like Nike, Adidas, Apple, Samsung and many more.
  • Choose from a large catalogue of products and save upto 60% with Noon Coupon Codes on your purchase.
  • Facilities like free shipping and one-day delivery are also provided for customer satisfaction.

Dream buys with Ubuy

Another e-commerce platform making all the right noises in online shopping is the global player Ubuy. Renowned in over 50 countries as the provider of the cheapest and most value-for-money products online, Ubuy is quite a rage with shoppers looking to make a killing with their savings thanks to Ubuy Coupons. From smartphone to gaming consoles and all your daily needs, Ubuy is, without a doubt, your platform to go for big savings. A main reason for products being cheap on the platform is Ubuy’s freedom to source them from the seller of their choice. Not bound to buying from a particular brand or seller helps the platform source your products for cheap and then pass on the savings benefit to you! Let us now have a quick look at Ubuy’s operations:

  • Operating in over 50 countries, Ubuy’s pedigree for providing affordable products in unmatched.
  • Ubuy sources the products on the customer’s behalf from the cheapest possible seller.
  • A non-reliance on key sellers and brands leads to cheaper products.
  • Ubuy combines technology and elite sourcing skills to get you your dream bargain.
  • While all products on the platform are genuine, buyers are advised to check for manufacturer warranties separately.
  • Ubuy coupons add that extra glitter of savings to your purchase.
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