The best portable carpet and upholstery cleaner


We started by compiling a detailed list of all the portable carpet and upholstery cleaners we could find, which are over 20 different models. In this carpet cleaner reviews and upholstery cleaners review we try to break down everything .

Most of these things are very similar to each other, prices are in the same range (from $ 80 to $ 130), the vast majority belong to Bissell, and some of them have terrible owner ratings. Thus, we narrowed down the list to seven models, focusing on popular models with good ratings, aiming for some diversity among brands and designs. Included:

Important Features

In our testing, we found that only three things really matter in a portable carpet cleaner:

Cleaning performance: The best cleaning products for carpets and upholstery completely removes stiff, dried stains of all kinds – tannin, dye, protein and oil – and do it on any suitable surface of the fabric. He must pick up the stains for a dozen passes with a cleaning tool – if more is needed than maybe the stain will not go anywhere. It should also absorb as much washing solution as possible for faster drying, which in turn prevents the growth of germs. Some cleaners do this very well; most are just tolerable.

Easy to use: A good carpet and upholstery cleaner is easy to find without resorting to the manual. The level lines on the solution tank should be clear, indicating where to pour water and where to pour detergent. The filling lines should also include several options: one for a full load of detergent and one for a small amount – “quick cleaning”. tanks should have a flat bottom so that you can lay them on the surface by filling them with mortar. A dirty tank should have a removable lid so that you can put your hand in a hand wash. The solution should not drip from each crack or hole. winding the cord and nozzles can secure the hose and cleaning tools and the machine must be able to handle it for easy carrying. Ideally, all components should be attached somewhere on the machine so that you do not have to store parts somewhere else and possibly lose them. We like cleaners that have automatic cycles because they can be cleaned without the help of hands, but we have seen this feature on only one model – and this is our best choice.

Lightweight, compact: The best cleaning products are easy to lift and move, and they can be quickly stored in a cabinet. In our experience, size doesn’t really affect cleaning performance, so don’t think that you need a huge soap machine to properly clean your sofa. Most portable models weigh less than 14 pounds and have a size equal to the size of a toaster oven, but several times exceed it.

Inessential  Features : 

This did not greatly affect our experience with cleaning products:

Number of cleaning tools or cleaning tips: All carpet and upholstery cleaners have at least one cleaning tool, but some have two or even three different size tools for cleaning stairs or hard-to-reach corners. We found that they all work well and that you should not sweat, how many of them are included.

Cleaning formula: Each detergent we come with comes with an 8 oz. Cleaning bottle, which should be enough to fill the standard size cleaning container (with water) twice. If you remove the carpet cleaner from the cabinet only a few times a year, this test bottle will easily last a year or two. If not, you can get a 32 ounce bottle of formula for $ 10. We cannot say anyway which brand has the best cleaning formula, but it probably makes more sense to worry about whether your carpet or upholstery is equipped to clean water-based detergents.

Evaluation of power: You might think that a powerful engine will contribute to better vacuum absorption, but we did not find that this is so. The best testers we tested worked at 4 or 5 amperes, while one of the worst performed with a super-loud motor that worked at 10 amperes.

Cord Length: You probably won’t find carpet / upholstery cleaner with a power cord less than 14 feet long, and most are about 20 feet. This is enough for almost any situation. With this large amount of cord, you can easily wrap it around your car until it gets tangled. We tested one wireless model – the only thing we could find. It worked surprisingly well, but had terrible reviews from the owners, most of whom complained about the leak.

Heating element: Some cleaning products have a “keep warm” function that keeps the washing solution hot for more efficient cleaning. Whatever the temperature drop in a conventional extraction machine, it does not affect the cleaning efficiency, especially within the 30-minute window, for which most people use these things. Other variables, such as type of coloration, suction power, strength of formulas, and carpet / upholstery fabric are much more important.

Wheels: This is a good addition if you prefer not to carry a 13 kg sweeper, but for most people the wheels will only add weight and weight to something light enough to be easily lifted.

Water tank capacity: The more solutions you can fit into a machine, the better, but given that these machines are primarily designed for spot processing, even a small 35 ounce tank is enough. Do not worry about the size.

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