The Best Skincare Routine for Your Skin – Quick Tips


Heading to a party in your silky smooth satin dress? Yes, it’s trending. But, what about this itchy, flaky, dry skin giving you all the sandpaper feels? Dress is there to flaunt your beautiful body. But, you almost forgot to take care of your skin in the first place. To let you know, glowing butter skin is the most fashionable thing you can carry. It never goes out of fashion and never will. We expect you not to repeat this mistake ever again. No matter how well dressed you are. If your skin is not in a good condition, you won’t feel the confidence that is required to pull off that satin dress.

We can understand the constant mental and physical toll it takes on you. So, Uniqaya has brought the best skincare routine, especially for your skin. There are tips to cure dry skin which are so easy that you won’t take a minute to include them in your daily routine.

First thing First: Hydrating Cleanser

Cleansing your face with a hydrating, foamless, moisturizing cleanser must be your morning ritual. Also, opt for a body wash that cleanses as well as nourishes. Make sure that these two things must be gentle on your skin. Don’t be harsh while applying also. Your cleanser must have all the properties which cherish natural oils in your skin. Use the same face wash before going to bed as well to remove all day’s impurities, dust, and pollution.

Quick Tip: It is not enough to hydrate your skin externally. You must take care of it inside out and drink a lot of water. Yes, a piece of common advice. But, the most ignored one. So go get a glass of water right now.

Second and Equally Important: Toner

First, understand that toner is there to maintain the pH level of your skin. It also gives additional hydration and glows your face. Apply it just after the cleanser. Make sure that your toner does not have alcohol in it, instead look for active ingredients. Rose extract or glycerine are some common ingredients that will soothe your dry skin.

Quick Tip: Next time after using the makeup remover, dab a little toner on your face. It will help sweep away the remaining makeup and also give your skin that extra hydrating glow.

The obvious: A good Hydrating Moisturizer

The obvious A good Hydrating Moisturizer

The obvious. Have the best moisturizer for combination skin. It traps water in your skin and keeps it there for the longest of time. Due to this, your skin remains hydrated, glowing, and nourished. Also, we come across so many people who start applying hydrating moisturizer on their extremely dry skin and get to complaining within a week. Hold on! It will take as much time to show results as much time you ignored your skin. So, don’t give up. Dermatologists recommend using moisturizers throughout the year irrespective of weather. No matter what your skin type is, don’t skip it. However, you have to choose accordingly. For dry skin, a creamy soothing moisturizer having ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera works the best.

Quick Tip: Apply moisturizer on your face and body within 5 minutes of bathing. At this time, your skin is damp and thus soaks the best of moisture.

How can you Forget: Sunscreen

Oops! Applied all the above skincare products and never bothered to dab a little amount of sunscreen. Believe us, your skin is going to curse you for years. When outdoors, your skin is exposed to dust and UV rays which are very harmful, of course. And when you are indoors, there are blue light rays that are emitted by your gadgets in ample amounts. These rays damage your skin color, weaken the skin surface, cause inflammation, photoaging, hyperpigmentation, and whatnot. Yes, when you are enjoying a movie on your laptop in your comfortable cozy pajamas, your skin is getting affected at a 2x rate. Begging for the same comfort. So, whether you are going outside or you are at home, don’t forget to apply sunscreen. In fact, apply a lot of it.

Quick tip: Instead of applying your regular sunscreen, choose broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF 50 loaded with antioxidants which work best for dry skin and works as a shield when your skin is exposed to harmful blue light rays.

Ending on a Good Note

Ending on a Good Note

Uniqaya, a division of Unimarck Pharma India Limited (operative since 1984), has a range of well researched and functional products of international standards. Catering to the world, it puts its best foot forward by having plant-based ingredients, chemical free formulations, and products suitable for all skin types.

Above all, it has got a really cool range of cleansers, toners, serums, hydrating moisturizer, sunscreens, and other skincare products to pamper your dry skin. They will rejuvenate, nourish, hydrate, and brighten your skin by renewing skin cells at the fastest rate. Go add them into your cart and order right away.

Also, don’t forget to share the journey of turning your dull, dry Sahara Desert into a smooth glowing Greenland. We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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