The Coronavirus Outbreak – Do not Panic with Our Recommendations

The spread of coronavirus is the most popular event that the world is watching today. With an increasing number of patients, more and more people are starting to panic. Everyone sees themselves as potential victims of COVID-19. Is it possible to stop this irresistible trembling?

Fear of the unknown is a natural reaction of the brain. In a coronavirus pandemic situation, there may be two possible reactions: to stay with a cold head and think sober, or to plunge into a wave of panic. Will the latter solve the situation? It definitely won’t. But the consciousness is likely to suffer. And the ability to soberly assess the situation, to make quick decisions at critical moments will decrease.

Efficient technique to cope with panic

We have collected a lot of techniques that help to reduce the level of fear and stress and do not get confused in the networks of panic. Perhaps some of them will also help you.

Get information only from reliable sources

Thoroughly analyze what you hear and what you see. Stop reading on all available resources “what about the coronavirus?” Remember that the message like “a colleague of my neighbor who has a friend in China said…” – is not a reliable source of information. Consider only verified information or just take a break from reading the news because it will not affect the situation itself in any way.

Avoid active “skirmishes” in comments on social networks

The more you get involved in conversations like “everything is gone, we’ll be covered by a coronavirus”, the scarier the picture is drawn by the brain. And the brighter the image becomes, the harder your rationality can get through it and reach you.

Less online – more offline

Do a periodic digital detox. Stop surfing the Internet thoughtlessly. Aim your time online at communicating with your loved ones, read a book, draw a picture, or even visit some top sex sites to flirt and relax a little if you are completely tired of the routine. If during your digital detox coronavirus stops spreading, you will be happy and drink a glass of champagne. If the situation gets worse, at least your psyche will rest and it can consider the situation more calmly and rationally.

Try to be here and now

Focus on what’s happening right now. If there are real reasons that threaten your health or the health of your loved ones, think about how you can minimize or eliminate these threats. And if this is a kind of far-fetched fear now, let it go and focus on what is happening at this very moment.

Develop and write down a plan of actions

You need a certain plan of actions on different occasions such as:

  • epidemics and travel restrictions;
  • illness of colleagues or people you have come into contact with;
  • your illness or family members, etc.

Describe in detail what you are going to do in each case. This will give you a sense of control and an understanding that you can cope with any situation.

Switch over

If you feel that you are completely involved in the search of information about the disease, that fear and anxiety level is growing, then just switch to perform monotonous household tasks, for instance:

  • washing,
  • cleaning,
  • cooking.

Try some spiritual practices and yoga

It’s good therapy during panic attacks. Positive emotions are especially intensified by those yoga postures in which you have to bend the back or straighten the chest.

Concentrate on the positive thoughts

Our brain is more responsive to negative events. And the info space reinforces these emotions. Researches have shown that to level out the impact of one negative event, you need three positive events. So try to focus on the good.

Try to perceive the situation remotely, without emotions, even if things have gone wrong. This is an effective spiritual practice that will help you consciously deal with your reaction to the events and calm the part of the brain that causes emotions.

Write down what you’re worried about

This will help transfer the alarm on paper and it allows you to calm down a little. Don’t forget that excitement is bad for sleeping. And you need to be toned.

Talk to your family and friends about your feelings

It’s not a shame to experience fear and anxiety. Moreover, it is natural to worry about your health and life, your family and friends. Talking with loved ones or a specialist will help to calm down and look at the situation from a different angle.

We are all aware that if there is panic, it won’t be easy to get rid of it. But it’s worth a try. What if you succeed in doing it? Try to be healthy and in a good mood.