The Dark Side of Crypto Gambling: Scams and How to Avoid Them


The advantages cryptocurrency offers users have led to increased adoption of Bitcoin gambling sites. Despite being one of the safest and most dependable payment methods, there are still certain frauds to be aware of. Third parties use unknowing participants, especially those relatively new to the crypto gambling industry.

These fraudsters employ various strategies to trick unwary individuals into making fake cryptocurrency investments. Fortunately, there are several strategies to stay clear of these frauds at crypto gambling sites. A comfortable gambling experience may be ensured by learning about crypto scams and how to prevent them. Visit here for more information on how to find the best crypto gambling sites for you.

Types Of Crypto Gambling Scams

1. Deposit Theft

This is by far the most prevalent Bitcoin gambling scam. However, this is the aim of most gaming sites’ frauds, even if each Bitcoin gambling scam has a different execution strategy.

It is appropriate to refer to this as “deposit theft.” The crypto gambling site entices you to deposit money but bans you from receiving a refund. The Bitcoin gambling site either closes or freezes your account after you sign up, requiring you to clear specific requirements before it can be activated again. The customer care staff either ignores you or moves slowly when you ask for help.

These operators know that most clients would become disillusioned and give up if the deposits are small.

2. Rigged Games

This crypto gambling fraud is not very sophisticated. They run rigged games so you can win for a while but ultimately lose your money. This one requires some good old-fashioned rigged software; 4D chess or the cleverness of a Bond villain won’t cut it.

Most who often play online or work in the online gambling industry know that dubious crypto gambling software providers provide rigged games. Respectable Bitcoin gambling sites avoid working with them, while reputable software developers frequently steer clear of those that do. Remembering is essential since it’s the first step to avoiding rigged games. You’re dealing with a trustworthy online Bitcoin gambling site if you see NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, or other renowned gambling site software providers in the mix.

But con artists that manage Bitcoin gambling sites have learned this, so they now provide pirated copies of otherwise legitimate games. They are even more challenging to spot with the untrained eye since they are perfect duplicates of the original games with updated code to trick you.

3. Identity Theft

Nowadays, identity theft affects people all around the world. In the six years leading up to 2017, identity thieves in the US alone stole $107 billion. That’s a substantial sum of money; identity theft may cause its victim great harm and financial loss.

Fraudulent Bitcoin gambling sites frequently employ identity thieves or may sell your personal information to customers on the black market. They are either con artists themselves or serve as a conduit for data that con artists buy. Either way, they are crooks; you should avoid their site at all costs.

4. Not Paying Winnings

Because it dashes your hopes and aspirations after they’ve already come true, this crypto gambling site’s fraud may be the most painful. It goes like this: You win a huge jackpot or big bet and want to cash it out, but the gambling site won’t accept the stake. They’ll either disappear and stop responding to your emails and phone calls, or they’ll contact you and inform you that a secret clause in terms of service on page 15 allows them the right to refuse payment.

However, this does occur, and you might be shocked at some well-known companies and brands that use this deception.

How To Avoid Getting Into Crypto Gambling Scams

1. Do Research

Even though it ought to go without saying, you’d be shocked at how many individuals gamble online without first conducting any study. Before opening an account, take the time to research a platform because a basic Google search may turn up a lot of information on a website. Examine the site’s reviews, search for warning signs, and check what other users say.

There isn’t much information available online if the Bitcoin gambling site is new. If so, consider putting out a call on forums or social media. Researching a website before parting with money is a good idea because user evaluations and internet comments may reveal much information about it.

2. Check For Licensing

All reputable crypto gambling sites on their websites should include some licensing information. However, this often appears in the footer and is an excellent indicator of the legitimacy of a site. Finding no licensing information is typically a warning sign.

Despite a few exceptions, most reputable Bitcoin gambling sites will hold a license from a gaming commission or regulator. However, this is a great approach to ensure the games are fair and the Bitcoin gambling site operates according to the rules. For instance, the Gambling Commission, a gambling regulatory body, exists in the UK. Due to their efforts to control the market, many other nations and areas are the same.

3. Avoid Fake Bonuses

Promotions and bonuses might increase your bankroll significantly, but they can also be a massive trap. Numerous Bitcoin gambling sites provide enticing incentives that are almost too good to be true. Be cautious about reading the tiny print while looking at a bonus thoroughly.

Before you can cash out the bonus from specific promos, you’ll need to risk a ridiculous amount of money, while other offers may include impossible requirements. A lousy bonus might be challenging to notice, but it is certainly something to look for.

While others may be too good to be true, certain offers could be. You should assume that a crypto gambling site provides you with an unreal deal if it sounds too good. Before utilizing a deal, do your homework and confirm its validity.


In conclusion, always conduct research before engaging in online crypto gambling. Many excellent Bitcoin gambling sites are available, but you should also be careful of certain frauds. To be sure you’re using a trusted and secure platform, pay close attention to the small print and seek licensing information. And always seek advice from others in forums or on social media if you need clarification. By exercising some prudence, you may enjoy playing Bitcoin gambling games and avoiding fraud at crypto gambling sites.

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