The Different Types of Pet Hair Vacuum and its Pros and Cons


Pet grooming on a regular basis reduces the amount of hair ending up on your floor or carpet. Nevertheless, this does not completely tackle pet hair on your furniture and floor. As pets are part and parcel of our lives, selecting the best pet hair vacuum is critical. This will make sure that complete pet hair removal in the house is achieved.

When done daily, vacuuming will effectively support your pet to coexist with you. This is especially vital for people allergic to pet hair. There are various vacuum cleaners that will effectively handle pet hair removal.

Below are the different types available, their pros and cons:

1. Central system vacuum cleaners

These are the most powerful vacuum cleaners available. Central system vacuum cleaners are characterized by a powerful central unit, thus capable of cleaning the whole house. This is made possible by various outlets that can be located anywhere in the house. This system is therefore great for large homes and for people with several pets.


  • Effective for large houses and large quantities of pet hair.
  • Has a strong suction power, thus improved air quality.
  • Effective for people allergic to pet hair as dust is not released into the air.


  • Expensive to purchase and install.
  • They consume high power amounts as compared to other cleaners.

2. Handheld vacuums

Handheld vacuums are designed to clean the tricky areas that some cleaners might not reach. Some parts of the stairs, floor corners, and your car will be easily cleaned by this vacuum. For the mess of hair that’s on the table or on your couch, this device will be of great service. Handheld vacuums are however not efficient for general floor cleaning machines.


  • Highly portable, thus improved mobility.
  • Light in weight, thus comfortable to use.
  • Low power consumption, thus energy savings.


  • Limited to small suction jobs.
  • Low suction power as compared to other cleaners.

3. Upright vacuum cleaners

Https:// ranks upright animal vacuum cleaners the best for animal hair removal. These machines are especially excellent for dog hair removal. The attached waste cylinder ensures that you can vacuum large areas without frequently emptying the vacuum. Its wide cleaning head is well capable of quickly turning your dirty room squeaky clean.


  • An ergonomic design that is less strenuous on your back.
  • Great for deep cleaning as it sucks hair and dirt deeply embedded on your floor and carpet.
  • Waste cylinder and wide cleaning mouth enable wide space coverage.


  • Only a few attachments can be added to it.
  • Takes up much space due to its height.

4. Stick vacuum cleaners

This device constitutes a long stick-like handle and a small waste bin. Its slender construction makes it ideal for hair removal in narrow spaces such as closets and corners. It also serves greatly on light carpets, hardwood floors, and rugs. This slim machine is relatively smaller than upright vacuums.


  • It stores easily due to its size.
  • It operates at low noise levels this won’t scare your pets.
  • Supports various attachments and can be easily used as a handheld vacuum.


  • Require frequent emptying.
  • Unsuitable for large areas due to low suction power.

5. Autonomous vacuum cleaners

Robotic cleaners are highly gaining popularity. Through advanced technology, they will map your space and clean it up. They are also animal-friendly and thus will not disrupt your pets. These vacuums are great as they can be programmed to operate when there is the least activity in the room.


  • Saves you time as these are completely automatic.
  • Can easily get under furniture, thus thorough cleaning.
  • Low power consumption and self-charging capabilities.
  • Can be remotely controlled, especially when you are not at home.


  • Autonomous vacuums are very expensive.
  • They take longer to clean animal hair.
  • Many obstacles in a room may reduce their effectiveness.

Upgraded vacuum cleaner

If you are wondering how to get dog hair out of car carpet, check different options such as pet hair vacuum, sticky roller or a hair removal roller.


The above vacuum cleaner models will efficiently aid pet hair removal in your house. Your choice will highly depend on the number of pets you own or the size of your house. This will ensure that a vacuum cleaner serves the expected purpose.

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