The Easiest Ways to watch premium TV for free


Discovering easy ways to watch premium TV without subscriptions will help you save a lot on entertainment bills. Ranging from Amazon’s free Cinemax trial to free cable TV streams on mobile apps, you can find many ways to watch premium TV for free.

To identify the best options, you should consider the following factors:

  • Live to stream and pre-recorded streams options
  • Device compatibility
  • Content preferences. Content ranges from sports, movies, series, documentaries, and live shows
  • Subscription options in case you opt to upgrade to the premium option

By considering the above tips, you can identify free premium TV options ideal for your needs. Below are some of the simple ways to access free premium TV channels.

Ways to watch premium TV for free

1. Stream online with free internet

If you have access to free internet, you can stream your favorite TV and other content channels online. With an HDMI interface, you can connect to the laptop or TV and stream your favorite TV channels. Simple ways to access free internet are through FreedomPop, community WI-FI, or using regular coupon tools to access the internet. Depending on where you live, you may research ways to access free internet. 

2. Amazon free trials and free options

Joining amazon prime video will give you access to premium TV channels on amazon for the trial period. You will have access to Amazon originals, the latest movies, and other content. You can also access streaming devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire Cube, or amazon fire stick. Through such devices, you will have free access to amazon premium content.

3. Invest in a triple play system and other devices

Comcast Xfinity is one such system that allows you to have unlimited and varied plans to access the free premium channels that they offer. With their high-speed cable internet connectivity, streaming content online becomes easy.

Google Comcast can also help you access premium channels such as Hulu and Netflix.

4. Download free TV apps

With advanced technology, you may download various TV apps on any smart device such as PlayStation consoles, smart TV and phones, or any other smart device. Some of the popular TV apps are Crackle, Newson, and PBS for kids. Alternatively, you may also stream the cable TV online and access premium channels. Visiting network websites such as,, and others can give you access to premium content for free. You will have the freedom to access your favorite shows for free, and this is seamless as you can even watch the best 60s cartoons in just a couple of clicks. There are also other streaming sites such as TV. Com that streams high-quality premium content.

5.  Install an HDTV antenna

Before installing it, ensure that you are in proximity to the high content broadcasting site. It is also good to opt for a high-quality satellite dish to capture and relay the signal to enable you to watch premium channels. In addition, you will access all local channels that also air high premium programs.

Entertainment apps offering high-quality content also give free trials for a long duration of up to a month. Such channels are affordable and with reasonable subscription options. Through social media marketing, research online, and referrals and friends, you can learn more about ways to access free premium TV channels.

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