The Four Esquires


Introduction to The Four Esquires

The Four Esquires had managed to chart three times throughout their short career, despite stiff competition from their peers. This pop vocal group from the 50s music era consisted of Bill Courtney on lead vocals, and backing vocalists Frank Mahoney, Wally Gold, Bob Golden and William Powers – all came from Massachusetts with Courtney, Gold, Golden and Mahoney were still students at the University of Boston. They sang initially just for fun, until they eventually took their singing into a professional level when they signed up with London Records in 1956. Their original versions were always eclipsed by covers of other artists years later, although their chart performances weren’t really bad. The Four Esquires’ first charting single was “Look Homeward, Angel” which entered the Hot 100 in May 1956. It was later followed by “Love Me Forever” which broke into the Top 40, as did “Hideaway” in 1958. Both of these Top 40 hits were propped by lush orchestra music conducted by Sid Bass and Richard Hayman. The Four Esquires disbanded in the early 1960s.

The life and music of The Four Esquires

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, the vocal group The Four Esquires are best remembered today for their oldies music, notably the song “Hideaway” in 1958. They comprised of Bill Courtney (lead singer), Frank Mahoney (died 2007), Walter “Wally” Gold (died on June 7, 1928), and Robert “Bob” Golden. All of the members attended the University of Boston during the early 1950’s.

The Four Esquires’ recordings and their biggest hit “Hideaway”

Signed to London Records in 1955, The Four Esquires started to get attention with “Look, Homeward Angel” in 1956. The song ranked at #45 on the Billboard Hot 100 but outperformed by Johnie Ray’s version, peaking at #36 in 1957. Later that year, a bigger hit came in for the group with “Love Me Forever” which made to Billboard’s Top 40 at #25. Just like The Four Esquires’ debut single, “Love Me Forever” was remade and became a pop bigger hit for another artist. Eydie Gorme’s cover version reached #21 on the pop chart in that same year.

In 1958, “Hideaway” was issued that became The Four Esquires’ best known recording. Written by Bob Goodman and accompanied by Richard Hayman and his orchestra, “Hideaway” peaked at #21 on the Billboard Hot 100. The group continued to record until the 1960’s.

The Four Esquires discography (may be partial)

Cadence Records

(March 1955)

The Four Esquires

  • A: The Sphinx Won’t Tell
  • B: Three Things (A Man Must Do)

(Nov 1955)

The Four Esquires

  • A: Adorable
  • B: Thunderbolt

London Records

(March 1956)

The Four Esquires

  • A: Look Homeward Angel
  • B: Santo Domingo

Pilgrim Records

(July 1956)

The Four Esquires

  • A: Follow Me
  • B: Summer Vacation

Paris Records

(Feb 1957)

The Four Esquires

  • A: The Song Of April
  • B: Everyone’s Sweet On My Sugar

(Oct 1957)

The Four Esquires

  • A: Love Me Forever
  • B: I Ain’t Been Right Since You Left

(Feb 1958)

The Four Esquires

  • A: Always And Forever
  • B: I Walk Down The Street

(Apr 1958)

The Four Esquires

  • A: All Around The Clock
  • B: The Big Dance

(Aug 1958)

The Four Esquires with Rosemary June

  • A: Repeat After Me

The Four Esquires

  • B: Hideaway

(Nov 1958)

The Four Esquires

  • A: Follow Me
  • B: The Land Of You And Me

(March 1959)

The Four Esquires

  • A: Lucky Old Sun
  • B: Non E’ Cosi

(May 1959)

The Four Esquires

  • A: Act Your Age
  • B: So Ends The Night

(Oct 1959)

The Four Esquires

  • A: Wonderful One
  • B: Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful

(March 1960)

The Four Esquires

  • A: Make Them Mine
  • B: Peg O’ My Heart

(Aug 1960)

The Four Esquires

  • A: Sweet Sixteen She’ll Never Be (’til Apples Grow On The Lilac Tree)
  • B: The Chop Stick Rock

Terrace Records

(Nov 1961)

The Four Esquires

  • A: Can’t Help Falling In Love
  • B: The Merry-Go-Rounds Of Rome

Columbia Records

(Sept 1969)

The Four Esquires

  • A: My Heart Belongs To Only You
  • B: Momma Look Sharp
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