The history of Bingo in Ireland


If you’re based elsewhere in the UK, you may have wondered what types of Bingo Ireland has to offer. And you’d be right to wonder, as the luck of the Irish comes about somewhat differently to the rest of the land! Despite the game starting off as a form of the Lottery in 1530, Bingo didn’t find its way over to Ireland until the late 60s – where they truly made it their own.

Overall, Ireland has long been known as a nation of keen gamblers. The Irish have spent around five billion euros each year on various sporting events and betting games. Supporting Ireland’s long history of gambling and gaming, archaeologists actually discovered gambling pieces like dice and glass beads across the lands, supporting the theory that these games have been taking place for years and years.

In 1960, the Catholic church introduced Bingo to the Irish public, growing in popularity as Bingo halls began filling up the streets. Bingo was mainly used as a form of socialising in Ireland, much like in the UK, acting as a great place to meet old and new friends, as well as bagging a bit of extra cash!

As we continue to move further on into a digital age, the majority of the UK have seen a real decline in the brick-and-mortar Bingo hall business. Across the Irish sea, the digitalisation of the game hasn’t had as much of a negative effect on the classic as you might think. The traditional Bingo venues in Ireland seem to be just as popular today as they ever were in the 60’s, with a few extra changes to bring things up to date for the younger generations. There are several ways they’ve managed to do this – from charity events to drag queen-hosted nights.

As well as catering to different Bingo-crazed communities, Ireland has also shown itself as capable of tackling whatever other problems that have been thrown the game’s way. The introduction of the smoking ban came in 2004, outlawing the ability to smoke in any enclosed public places. So, innovative as ever, Drive-in Bingo swept the nation, becoming the next top way to play. All that’s required of players is to drive into the designated area, turn off their engines and buy a book of Bingo tickets. What’s more, when they find themselves landing a line or house, they simply beep their horn and workers will come over, prize in hand. The biggest drive-in is located not so far from Dublin, in County Meath, with many people taking themselves on day trips just to visit the venue and play a game or two.

So, with all that being said, do you find yourself hankering for a turn on the Irish Bingo balls? But what about dragging yourself all the way over the end of that ever-lucky rainbow, with four leaf clovers and lucrative leprechauns in tow? Well, there’s no need for all that. As we mentioned, Irish Bingo is now available at the touch of a button and from the comfort of your very own home, all thanks to online casinos.

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