The Latest Monthly Subscription Service Startup? ED Medication

Do you remember the days when people had to make long trips to the supermarket or any store for that matter to get their basic needs? Probably not, and neither do we. Technology has gone so far in the past few decades, and the internet alone has helped shape generations to come with a myriad of services we could not have dreamed of in the past. You started getting access to services and luxuries that are just mind boggling, and among all of those, subscription services that deliver products to your doorstep have got to be one of the greatest. Now, an even cooler subscription service has emerged, and it’s bound to change how the market works: one for erectile dysfunction pills.

What are subscription services and how do they work?

Well, as the name applies, a subscription service or box is basically a service you get involved with that sends you a box full of certain products every month. You get your packages in the mail, and their timing is impeccable for the most part. You sign up for a monthly fee –– anything between $10 and hundreds of dollars based on the service. You then usually fill in a survey about your preferences, and every month you’ll start getting a box tailored to your needs and tastes delivered to your doorstep. This business model has proved quite successful and is gaining much momentum with time, because people like getting stuff in the mail, especially if that stuff is customized specifically for them.

New and old subscription services

Loot Crate

This is probably one of the cooler monthly boxes you could get, and it’s every nerd’s dream come true. It’s also one of the oldest subscription boxes in the market, and has been going strong for many years. You get a package full of pop culture references from collectibles and clothing to tech gadgets and artwork for your favorite characters.

Blue Apron

It doesn’t make sense you’d have subscriptions for meds and gadgets but not food. Blue Apron is one of the most famous subscription boxes on the market; they provide a unique service and they’ve been doing it for years now. Every month you get a box with special recipes to cook, as well as the ingredients to make them. It’s a very cool service that thousands use every month.

ED medication

Now this is one of the newest subscription services that has never been done before, and it’s already making waves in the market. It doesn’t come as a surprise as many men suffer from erectile dysfunction problems and would find it rather comfortable to get the meds delivered to their doorstep. This is why BlueChew and other brands have taken it upon themselves to provide this service, and eht-journal confirmed it works so users can even have further guarantees about the quality of the medication. The service is relatively new, but it’s finding many fans among men who need this kind of service that is backed by science, and don’t really like the idea of going out to pharmacies to buy the meds for themselves.

If you aren’t already subscribed to a dozen or two of those services, do yourself a favor and get on that train, fast. You’ll find a million different boxes that can be delivered to your doorstep with products that will definitely make your month a whole lot better. So, why wait?