The Most Expensive Music To Love In 2022

​​At the danger of understating the case, it isn’t reasonably-priced to be a tune fan in 2022. While artists say they’re seeing decreased sales from their real musical output to offerings like Spotify, lovers are nonetheless paying massive quantities of cash for tickets, legit products, and other “tune-adjacent” matters that could actually upload up over time.

Of course, a few artists are more costly than others. As you may expect, being partial to bands like Wet Leg or Black Country New Road doesn’t deliver pretty the identical rate tag as loving Drake, Harry Styles, or Adele. Here are a number of the most costly artists you could love in 2022. In a recent article by Betway Insider it is greatly spoken about it is very expensive to be a superfan.


Obviously, being a massive Drake fan incorporates a massive rate tag with it. Back in 2019, Drake was criticized for charging lovers up to £one hundred seventy five for seated tickets, with a status price price tag costing up to £140. If you’d attended each unmarried Drake display withinside the UK in the final 5 years, then it might have priced you “a large £12,581.97”, in accordance to analyze via way of means of Betway. Obviously, you probably aren’t going to do that; after all, that’s a degree of devotion maximum lovers won’t ever manifest. Still, it’s undeniably highly-priced to be a Drake fan. If you want to know more about the career of this successful musical artist, check out our article, “Discover the Fascinating Career of Drake.”

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has come a totally lengthy manner certainly from being a penniless busker strumming his acoustic guitar all of the manner via to a stadium-filling superstar. Ticket resale fees are nearly £eighty for Sheeran’s concerts; he places his all into his shows, so it’s now no longer like you’re simply going to observe a guitarist busk, however that’s nonetheless a massive sum of money to pay. Still, in case you’re looking for him to play hits like “Thinking Out Loud” or “Bad Habits” stay the use of only a looper pedal, it could be a sight to behold, so there’s a spectacle to be worried about as well. Check out our article titled Find Out More About Ed Sheeran and His Career in Music if you want to know more about Ed Sheeran.


Given the large growth in K-pop recently, it probably shouldn’t come as a wonder that BTS has turned out to be phenomenally famous. The band is one of the most famous and highly-seemed K-pop bands around right now, and that’s contemplated in how an awful lot it costs to be a BTS fan. In common, BTS merch will set you back around £12.94, which isn’t too bad, however you’re going to be paying around £4,795.50 throughout the complete time you’re a BTS fan, that is a bit greater. If you ask us, their tune is really well worth it, though.


You probably noticed this one coming, proper? Metallica has constructed up a recognition because the priciest rock band to peer stay, and with proper reason. Resale tickets for Metallica frequently price around £110, so that you’re going to be out of pocket to observe James Hetfield and employer tear it up to a certain degree. Still, it’s difficult to argue with Metallica’s degree of presence; the band places all it has into each unmarried display, gambling extraordinarily technical and rapid songs each unmarried night, and for that, we salute them.

Elton John

Elton John is one in every one of the largest stars withinside the global proper now. His reputation hasn’t waned no matter the reality that he’s been around for nearly sixty years, and he’s controlled to maintain that degree of relevance to collaborations with massive stars and up-and-coming legends like Rina Sawayama and Lil Nas X. Unfortunately, in case you need to move and notice Elton John in concert, that degree of relevance comes with a rate tag, as you’ll pay around £eighty for a resale price tag. “I’m Still Standing”, certainly. Seated tickets price greater, after all.


Unbelievably, in keeping with the Betway studies we noted above, Adele resale tickets can price you nearly £550, that is the identical rate you’ll pay for a latest pair of AirPods Max headphones. The “Easy On Me” and “Someone Like You” singer additionally instructions a £4,424.fifty eight rate tag in case you need to spend money on products in addition to going to peer her stay (again, that is throughout the route of your fandom as a complete), so it without a doubt isn’t reasonably-priced being an Adele lover.

Bruno Mars

Research shows that it’s going to price you round £2,500 throughout the route of your Bruno Mars fandom, so in case you need to move and notice the singer on excursion and purchase all of his products, then you’re going to be out of pocket via way of means of a now no longer insignificant sum of money. However, that does consist of each Bruno’s solo paintings and his time in unfashionable R&B band Silk Sonic, so for that rate, you’re additionally attending to see the excellent capabilities of Anderson .Paak, making the price greater than really well worth it in our opinion.

Sam Smith

Given Sam Smith’s silky-clean voice, we shouldn’t be amazed that they’re highly in call for amongst lovers, and certainly, that seems to be the case. Picking up legit products for the singer may want to price you around £30 in keeping with the item, and you’ll pay an extra £6 in case you need your stuff signed by way of Smith themselves. Research indicates that being a Smith superfan will set you back around £2,600, so that you must assume cautiously approximately whether or not you need to observe them on excursion and purchase all the merch they’re selling! If you aren’t familiar with Sam Smith, you can read our article, Find Out More About Sam Smith’s Musical Career to get information on this artist.

As you could see, following a number of the most famous musical acts around right now without a doubt isn’t reasonably-priced. Of course, a number of those figures are lifetime spending numbers in preference to one-off purchases, so they’re arguably forgivable in that light. Still, make certain you’re questioning cautiously approximately all your tune buying decisions!