The most haunted Casinos in the World


When you walk into a casino and find yourself immersed in a maze of blinking slot machines, Blackjack tables, high-spirited craps players and scantily dressed cocktail waitresses, the last thing that you expect to rub shoulders with is a ghost.

Sure, there will be plenty of faces displaying an array of emotions from pure joy and dismay to disappointment, shame, and even horror. But not from ghost sightings, right? Wrong! Within the glitz, glamour and the throbbing hub of activity, casinos hide within its walls a dark history characterized by things that go bump in the night.

No one really understands where ghosts come from. But whether you believe in ghost stories or not, there is something to be said about gambling in a haunted casino. The one of a kind experience simply cannot be replicated or rivaled. It is no wonder that these casinos hold such an allure for curious gamblers. 

For the most adventurous gambler, gambling away in a casino that is rumored to be haunted can be a one of a kind experience. You will not only get cold shivers down your spine but if you are lucky, you could go home a winner. At the very least, you will have an interesting story to share with your gambling buddies the next time you meet up.

If you want to experience or investigate the haunting yourself, here are the most haunted casinos in the world:

The Luxor Hotel and Casino

The Luxor Hotel and Casino

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas trip stands the Luxor Hotel and Casino or the Great Pyramid of Vegas as it is commonly referred to owing to its glossy blacked-out pyramid-shaped exterior. The ominous exterior of the Luxor can provoke feelings of discomfort for anyone, but it’s the reported ghost sightings within its walls that are more frightening.

You may or may not know this, but the Luxor was actually designed to cater to families looking for a good time just as much as adults. However, during the construction of the pyramid back in the 90s, it is reported that 7 workers perished and it is believed that the management covered up these deaths as a way of preserving the hotel’s reputation. 

Guests at the hotel claim to have spotted the souls of these construction workers wandering the halls. These sightings are especially common in the quietest areas of the hotel. When the Nile Riverboat ride was still operational, some guests also asserted to have seen ghosts drifting through the tunnels. And these are just a few of the incidences. The Titanic exhibit at the Luxor is also supposedly haunted.

The Flamingo Hotel and Casino

The Flamingo Hotel and Casino

Bugsy Siegel may have been one of the most feared gangsters of his day. However, he was also a primary driving force behind the establishment of the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. Stories are rampant from previous guests that have spotted Bugsy roaming around the hotel. Visitors claim to have spotted Bugsy in the Presidential Suite, which still contains gold faucets and fixtures from his old apartment that were installed during the construction of the hotel.

Some other stories state that after Siegel was killed in Beverley Hills for refusing to give investors a share of the hotel’s profits, his ghost returned to Vegas. Today, Bugsy roves the hotel that he once helped create as he wishes. Apart from the Presidential Suite, some of his other favorite hangout spots include next to the outdoor memorial dedicated to him, as well as close to the wedding chapel, which is where his apartment was once situated.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in New Jersey

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in New Jersey may have closed its doors briefly in 2006. But the spirits that are known to reside within the casino remained. When the hotel reopened its doors again in 2018, guests reported having witnessed these eerie residents in some hotel rooms.

One of these ghosts is believed to be a former guest that committed suicide by jumping from the hotel’s 10th floor. Those who have reported a sighting of this ghost claim that unlike some ghosts that wander about minding their business. Apparently, this ghost is more arrogant than he is spooky. Guests also claim that he has orange skin and supposedly wears a toupee.

The Tropicana

The Tropicana

The Tropicana may be one of the most popular casinos in Las Vegas but it also has a horrifying reputation for being haunted. Most of the paranormal incidents are linked to the large tiki mask that is located in the lobby. In the past, guests have complained of developing rashes after touching the mask. This rash manifests itself in the form of a purple rash that develops on the guest’s faces.

What is more startling is that guests that have taken pictures of the mask report the presence of an unknown image in the photos. Some have also seen a purple haze emanating from the mask in the photos. 

Bally’s Resort and Casino

Bally’s Resort and Casino

If you believe in ghosts, then the tale of Bally’s is one that will spook you out. Bally’s is said to have been constructed on the site of another older casino (the MGM Grand Hotel) which was tragically destroyed in a fire back in the 80s. A total of 85 people are said to have lost their lives in the fire, with most of the deceased jumping to their deaths to avoid suffocation. 

A few others lost their lives after being trapped in stairwells while trying to escape the fire while others passed away in their sleep. Those that died on that November are said to walk freely in the hotels and the restrooms. Some guests have even claimed to see a group of ghosts roaming the hallways together.

Final word

The casino is the last place on earth any gambler might expect to encounter a ghost. However, among these mega-casinos lurks paranormal activities that can cause you to have sleepless nights. It is said that sometimes ghosts hang around haunted areas due to unfinished business. So, during your next visit to the casino, ensure that you keep an eye out for any shadowy figures, inexplicable footsteps or any paranormal activity within.

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