The Pros and Cons of Stone Coated Steel Roofing


If you are looking to replace your roof, you might have come across stone-coated steel roofing. Now, you are wondering if it’s the right choice for your old or newly-built home. In that case, you need to compare the pros and cons of the roofing material

Unlike the standard asphalt shingle roof, the stone-coated steel roofing consists of a 24 or 26 gauge steel core. The steel core has unique characteristics like rust resistance. Also, they have a thick layer of stone finishing that makes them strong and durable.

Cost of Stone-Coated Steel Roofing

Stone-coated steel roofing sheets are available in different colours and styles. They are affordable to buy and easy to install. The average cost of stone-coated shingles is between $5 and $10. However, the price depends on some factors like;

  • Style: You can choose to buy either shingles, barrels, or shakes for the stone-coated roof. Shingles are the most affordable sheets. Shakes have a moderate cost, while the barrel style type of sheets has the highest prices.
  • Panel Thickness: You can get the sheets in a 28-gauge or a thick 24-gauge. The thinner the sheets, the more the cost.

Types of Coatings

There are different types of steel-roof coatings. The coat increases resistance to corrosion and hailstones. When hit by the hailstones, the shingles rarely crack. They will also not absorb water when the ice balls melt.

Besides the purchase cost, you will also pay for installation. Installing these roofs is easy, but you should let a professional roofer do it. So, consider hiring professional roofers who provide stone coated steel roofing in Lubbock

Note that roofers charge different prices for the installation, which vary depending on various factors. There are also other methods of installing the roof, and each method has its pros and cons. Fortunately, we’ll look at them in this guide.

Stone-Coated Roof Installation Cost Factors

Here are the factors that can influence the cost of installing stone-coated roofing.

a. Uninstalling Previous Roofing

In most cases, the roofer is the one who removes the old roofing unless it is new construction. If your roofer does the extra job of removing the old roof, you will pay an estimate of $75-$150. The price depends on the type of roof and its size.

Note that you can also install stone-coated roofs on a single layer of asphalt and other materials.

b. Type of Home

There will be a difference in price if your home is single or multistory. Multistory buildings cost more for steel-coated roofing installation. That is because the roofers take more time on these buildings, and installing them is more complicated.

c. Time of the Year

One of the factors to consider when replacing your roof is the time of the year. Installing the roof in winter is cumbersome because of the snow. That’s because snow is slippery and not easy to work on. Although summers are scorching, it could be a better time.

You will likely pay a higher cost of installation during the winter and peak seasons of the year. So, always select a good season for the installer and the roof, which needs to dry.

The Roofer

Depending on their skills and experience, different roofers charge differently for their services. You also have the choice of DIY, where you will not pay anything or hire handyman services.

Although stone-coated steel roofs are easy to install, it is not advisable to DIY. Hiring a roofing company will leave you at peace knowing your roof was well installed.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Pros and Cons

This new type of roof is becoming popular in many homes. Homeowners prefer stone-coated shingles because they have many benefits over cons.

Pros of Stone-Coated Steel Roofing

Here are some of the reasons you should consider installing stone-coated steel roofing.

● Longevity

With proper installation of these roofs, they can serve you for about 40-60 years. This is different with asphalt shingles which will need a replacement barely 20 years after installation.

Although they are a bit expensive to install, the stone-coated roofs are more resistant to elements than the standard roofs. This gives you the value of your money.

● Durability

With the ability to withstand many elements, the roof is very durable. Unlike the asphalt shingles, this one does not feel the intensity of hailstorms and other adverse weather conditions. It can also withstand the scorching summer sun and cold winters.

● Low Maintenance

You are not required to keep inspecting the stone-coated roofs. They have good resistance to adverse weather and are strong. Due to their durability, they do not need constant repairs, saving the homeowner on extra costs.

● Aesthetics

These roofs are available in different colours and styles. As they make your home a comfortable place, they are also appealing to watch. Choose a style that compliments your home and a colour that matches your interior and exterior designs.

● Energy Efficiency

Since steel is a good conductor of heat, some homeowners are skeptical about installing stone-coated steel roofs, fearing they will conduct heat in summer. However, these roofs reflect heat, so they do not get extra hot.

The steel’s reflection maintains cool temperatures in your home, reducing the work of the HVAC system. This leads to reduced energy bills. Reflecting the UV rays also lengthens the roof’s lifespan because sun rays weaken roofs, reducing their lifespan.

Cons of Stone Coated Steel Roofing Tiles

Stone-coated steel roofing also has a few drawbacks, including:

● High Costs

When you compare the cost of the stone-coated shingles to the standard types, these are more costly. The high price is due to the several advantages of the material. The roof will not need a replacement until after 60 years, and it’s low maintenance.

● Noise

This roof is less resistant to noise. So, depending on the installation style, you might not like it when it begins to rain or hailstones. There is a solution to that, though. You can place a solid sheathed roof deck in the attic to reduce noise.

Final Words

The pros of a stone-coated steel roof are more than the cons, which explains why many people prefer it. When choosing an installer, ensure you hire one who is licensed and with insurance. That reduces extra expenses in case an accident happens.

For that reason, if your roof is old and wearing out, you should consider a replacement. Unfortunately, there are many roofing types in the market, making it hard to choose the best. However, you will not go wrong with stone-coated steel roofing.

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