The Short Life and Music Career of Bobby Bloom


Introduction for Bobby Bloom

Former member of a doo-wop group The Imaginations in the early 1960’s, Bobby Bloom was born on January 15, 1946. He achieved the peak of his career with the song “Montago Bay” in during the early 70s music era. Though Bloom is now included in the one-hit wonder list, he had given other artists Billboard hits such as Shondells’ “Mony Mony.” In 1974 Bloom died from accidentally shooting himself.

Bobby Bloom’s early years

American singer-songwriter Bobby Bloom is remembered by his one and only hit single “Montego Bay” in 1970, which has now become an oldies music classic pop tune. He was born Robert Bloom on January 15, 1946 but there is no information regarding his birthplace. Bloom became a part of the doo-wop group The Imaginations during in the early 1960’s. He had also worked for other singers as a songwriter, mainly for the Kama Sutra/Buddah artists.

“Montego Bay” — Bloom’s one and only smash hit

Prior to his big career break, Bloom made it big with his jingle composition for the Pepsi ad which led his way to record the song “Montago Bay” that would become a big hit. Released on L&R Records and co-written by Jeff Barry, “Montago Bay” peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1970. He went on to release several other recordings but none of them became as big as “Montago Bay.”

On the other hand, Bloom had several hits for other artists such as “Sunshine” for The Archies and “Mony Mony” for Tommy James and the Shondells. He had worked for several other musicians such as Louis Jordan and Shuggie Otis as a sound engineer. One of his recordings “Heavy Makes You Happy” gave The Staple Singers a Top 40 pop hit (as well as a Top 10 R&B hit) in 1971.

Bloom’s death

Bloom, who suffered depression towards the last years of his life, died of an accidental self-inflicted gunshot on February 28, 1974. He was only 28 years old. Bloom was said to be cleaning his own gun when he accidentally shot himself.

Bobby Bloom’s discography (may be partial)

Kama Sutra Records

(Mar 1967)

Bobby Bloom

  • A: Love, Don’t Let Me Down
  • B: Where Is The Woman

(Jun 1967)

Bobby Bloom

  • A: Count On Me
  • B: Was I Dreamin’

White Whale Records

(Nov 1968)

Bobby Bloom

  • A: All I Wanna Do Is Dance
  • B: All I Wanna Do Is Dance

(Nov 1968)

Bobby Bloom

  • A: All I Wanna Do Is Dance
  • B: Taggin’ Along

Buddah Recrods

(Feb 1969)

Bobby Bloom

  • A: Jill
  • B: Don’t Try To Climb My Tree

(Mar 1969)

Bobby Bloom

  • A: Turn On
  • B: Heaven Sent

Earth Records

Bobby Bloom

  • A: Sign Of The V
  • B: Heidi

L&R Records

(Aug 1970)

Bobby Bloom

  • A: Montego Bay
  • B: Try A Little Harder

MGM Records

Bobby Bloom

  • A: We’re All Goin’ Home
  • B: Careful Not To Break The Spell


Bobby Bloom

  • A: We Need Each Other
  • B: You Touch Me

(Jan 1971)

Bobby Bloom

  • A: Make Me Happy
  • B: This Thing I’ve Gotten Into

(Sep 1972)

Bobby Bloom

  • A: Sha La Boom Boom
  • B: Stay On Top

Map City Records

(Feb 1971)

Bobby Bloom

  • A: (It’s) Emergency
  • B: Stereo

Eric Records


Derek And The Dominos

  • A: Layla

Bobby Bloom

  • B: Montego Bay

Collectables Records

Bobby Bloom

  • A: Montego Bay

The Serendipity Singers

  • B: Don’t Let The Rain Come Down

MGM Golden Circle

Bobby Bloom

  • A: Montego Bay
  • B: Make Me Happy
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