The Short Music Career of Kit Carson


Introduction to Kit Carson

Kit Carson was an American singer in the 40s and the 50s music era; not much is known about her life. She was born Liza Morrow sometime in the 1910s or the 1920s. She once sang with George Paxton’s band and also with Benny Goodman in the mid-1940s under her given name. Morrow changed her name into Kit Carson (after the 19th century frontiersman) in the mid-1950s. One of Carson’s records on King label was “Washing Machine Blues” which didn’t take off. However, that paved her the way to a deal with Capitol Records, where she finally scored a hit with “Band of Gold” (not to be confused with the soul hit of the same name by Freda Payne). Some sources say it hit #17 on the Hot 100 in 1955; others cite #11 on the same chart in 1956. After her only hit, Carson quickly vanished from the public eye, joining in the ranks of one hit wonders and oldies music favorites.

The one-hit wonder Kit Carson

Kit Carson was an American singer who gained commercial success with her only hit “Band of Gold” in 1955. Although other sources cite her birth year as occurring sometime during the 1920s, other sources say Carson – Liza Morrow in real life – was born on November 27, 1913 in Brooklyn, New York.

During her early music career she performed with George Paxton’s band and jazz and swing musician Benny Goodman during the 1940’s. She released her debut single “Washing Machine Blues” billed under her real name. Issued on King Records, the song didn’t receive much radio airplay but it eventually led her to Capitol Records where she subsequently signed to.

Kit Carson’s lone hit “Band of Gold”

Carson’s short-lived music career brought her only hit “Band of Gold.” Composed by Jack Taylor and Bob Musel, “Band of Gold” was first recorded by Don Cherry; his own version became a Top 10 pop hit in 1955.

Later that year, Carson’s version of “Band of Gold” became her one and only hit. ). Some sources say it hit #17 on the Hot 100 in 1955; others cite #11 on the same chart in 1956.  After that, Carson did not release any more singles and promptly disappeared from the music business.

The Original Artist of “Band of Gold”

When Freda Payne first released this song in 1970, it quickly rose to the top of the charts. She is an American singer and actress Freda Payne enjoyed popularity in the 1960s and 1970s. Payne, who was born in Detroit, Michigan, on September 19, 1942, and is best known for her famous songs “Band of Gold” and “Bring the Boys Home,” started singing at a young age. She performed in numerous local clubs and venues while studying music and dance at the Detroit Institute of Music, Art, and Drama.

Payne signed with the record company Impulse in the 1960s. Although having recorded several albums, such as “When the Lights Go Down Low and Much More!!” and “How Do You Say I Don’t Love You Anymore,” she didn’t find national success with “Band of Gold” until she signed with the record company Invictus in 1969.

The song “Band of Gold” became a tremendous hit, peaking at number one on the UK Singles Chart and third on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Since then, it has evolved into a timeless soul ballad that many other musicians have covered.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Payne kept up his recording and live performances. He also made appearances in a number of movies and television programs. She is still regarded as a significant figure in the music business.


American singer Kit Carson sang in the music of the 1940s and 1950s. She has performed with Benny Goodman and George Paxton’s bands. The 1955 song “Band of Gold” by American vocalist Kit Carson was her only commercial success.

Kit Carson’s discography (may be partial)

Capitol Records

(Aug 1955)

Kit Carson

  • A: Band Of Gold
  • B: Cast Your Bread Upon The Waters
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