The Story and Music of The Intrigues


Introduction to The Intrigues

The Intrigues were a Philadelphia trio (formed in 1968) whose own slick brand of soul brought them to a considerable hit in “In a Moment” during the late 60s music era. That very hit was produced by Bobby Martin and Thom Bell. They also scored two other minor charting singles, “I’m Gonna Love You” and “The Language of Love.” After a long absence from the scene, the Intrigues returned in the mid-1980s with a song titled “Fly Girl.”

Meet The Intrigues

Alfred Brown, James Lee, James Harris and Ronald Hamilton formed their own act called The Intrigues. They were an American soul group hailing from Philadelphia in 1968. From 1969 to 1970, they had recorded 45s for several labels such as Toot, Bullet, Yew and Janus.

The Intrigues’ recording and their hits

On Yew Records, The Intrigues achieved their biggest hit singe called “In a Moment.” The song peaked at #31 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #10 on the Billboard R&B singles chart in 1969. After that, it was followed by single “I’m Gonna Love You” which peaked modestly at #86 on the national charts. They had their last chart entry in 1971 with “The Language of Love,” which registered on the pop chart at #100.

Later years

In 1985, The Intrigues recorded the song “Fly Girl” on World Trade Records. 

The Intrigues’ discography (may be impartial)

Bullet Records


  • A: In A Moment
  • B: Scotchman Rock

Yew Records

(Jun 1969)

  • A: In A Moment
  • B: Scotchman Rock

(Nov 1969)

  • A: I’m Gonna Love You
  • B: I Gotta Find Out For Myself

(Apr 1970)

  • A: Just A Little Bit More
  • B: Let’s Dance

(Dec 1970)

  • A: Tuck A Little Love Away
  • B: I Know There’s Love

(Apr 1971)

  • A: The Language Of Love
  • B: I Got Love

(Nov 1971)

  • A: To Make A World
  • B: Mojo Hanna

(Nov 1971)

  • A: To Make A World
  • B: To Make A World

Janus Records

(Jan 1972)

  • A: To Make A World
  • B: Mojo Hanna

(May 1972)

  • A: I Wanna Know (Do You Love Me)
  • B: Fly Now – Pay Later

Collectables / Back To Back Hit Series Records

  • A: In A Moment
  • B: The Language Of Love
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