The Story of Earl-Jean


Earl-Jean (born Earl-Jean McCrea) is an American R&B and pop singer, whose sister is Darlene McCrea, one of the original members of the all-girl R&B group the Cookies. During the 60s music era Earl-Jean also became a Cookies member in its revamping, this time scoring hits such as “Chains” (covered by the Beatles on their Please Please Me album), and “Don’t Say Nothin’ Bad (About My Baby)”. The group also backed Ray Charles as the Raelettes. She pursued a solo career in 1964 when she joined for the label Colpix, which released her first single “I’m Into Something Good.” It became only her charting single, reaching the Top 40 pop charts. Earl-Jean released subsequent recordings but was unable to attain further success, leading her to become a one-hit wonder.


Earl Jean’s early years and Music Career

Earl-Jean “Jeanie” Reavis, also known as Earl-Jean McCrea is a former pop and R&B singer. She was born in 1942 in Brooklyn, New York. Subsequently, her family relocated in North Carolina when she was two years old. But they later returned to Coney Island where she spent her adolescence and attended Lincoln High School.


Earl-Jean with the Cookies


McCrea became a member of the vocal group, the Cookies along with her elder sister Darlene McCrea. The Cookies later changed their name to the Raelettes who eventually became Ray Charles’ backing vocals. In 1962, they signed a record deal on Goffin and King’s Dimension and issued “Chains” in 1962. “Chains” peaked at #17 on the US chart and was later recorded by The Beatles in 1963. The follow-up “Don’t Say Nothin’ Bad (About My Baby)” (which was written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King) made to #7 on the US chart in 1963. While McCrea was embarking on a tour, she was also in her pregnancy. Goffin, who was married to King at that time, was named as the father of the baby Dawn Reavis (born in July 1964). However, Goffin did not fail to give Earl-Jean financial support.



Solo career and her only hit with “I’m into Something Good”

The smooth-voiced McCrea left the Cookies and ventured a solo career in 1964 where she released the single “I’m Into Somethin’ Good.” Also co-written by  Goffin and King, the song became a big hit, peaking at #38 on the US Billboard chart. Also that same year, Herman’s Hermits recorded the song as their debut single which later peaked at #13. “I’m Into Something Good” was McCrea’s first and last hit. She never managed to have another major hit again.

She later quit the music business and started a new life and career. She worked as a specialist in early childhood and later owned a day care center.