The Top Beer Destinations in the World


Beer has been part of different celebrations all over the world. And craft beer has taken over almost every inch of the globe, from Australia to Estonia, and everywhere in between. This means that no matter where you are traveling, you will be able to find beer. You can find them in experimental breweries and as well as in pubs catering to beer lovers of all palates.

Beer lovers who enjoy traveling might already know about destinations like Belgium, Oregon and Maine in Portland, and as well as Colorado, which are some of the best places for beers. You can also include Munich in Germany, which is famous for its Oktoberfest. But aside from these places, there are many other great beer destinations in the world that you can visit. In fact, there are more than 7,000 breweries in the United States and more breweries in Europe and Asia.

If you are looking into traveling to taste different types of beers in different places or countries, we are here to help you decide where to go. Here are the top beer destinations in the world that you can visit.

Asheville, North Carolina

Ashville is second to Portland when it comes to the breweries-per-capita list, and it has a long tradition of independent craft brewing. One of the best breweries you can visit in Asheville is The Green Man Brewery, which has been in operation since 1997. It has a brewery, and taproom downtown called Dirty Jack’s, which also offers nightly live music, which is another staple in Asheville.

You can also visit West Asheville to try different beers at the Westville Pub. You can try here a range of regional favorites, and as well as their own brews from All Sevens Brewing.

Paris, France

Paris is a popular place for its light, love, and haute couture. But did you know that it also has an emerging beer scene? When you visit Paris, you can sniff out locally brewed pints at world-class taprooms, including La Fine Mousse. It features French beers, affordable Cantillon and Drie Fonteinen, and as well as a restaurant and bottle shop across the street.

While in Paris, try to be on the lookout for local beers, such as Gallia Paris’ East Coast IPA, which is a fresh and French take on the NEIPA. Aside from that, you can also try Brasserie BAPBAP’s Acid Eiffel, which is a gose-style sour ale that is inspired by the architectural landmark.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is renowned for producing the most famous export beer in Ireland, which is Guinness. It is one of the best places to visit because drinking beer is a way of life here. Although their beers can have high prices, you can still find pubs and traditional alehouses here that are full of happy patrons.

One of the best to try in Dublin is the Guinness Storehouse tour that ends with the mandatory free pint in the Gravity Bar. You can also try the nine exclusive beers offered in the Porterhouse. If you are looking into trying out local brews, you can get them at hundreds of authentic pubs in Dublin, including the traditional Stag’s Head, Dawson’s Lounge, and as well as the cool Solas which also features a summer beer garden.

Seattle, Washington

In 2018, there are over 360 bars and restaurants that opened in Seatle. Future Primitive was among the city’s anticipated, which is a small brewery that specializes in sessionable or low in alcohol “little beers”. It is located in Seattle’s White Center neighborhood. There are about 60 breweries and counting in Seattle, and these include cult favorites, such as Holy Mountain, Cloudburst, and Reuben’s Brews.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is the ancestral home of famous beers like Heineken, Grolsch, and Amstel, and it serves up dozens of beer styles, labels, and flavors. It is truly one of the top beer destinations you can visit. If you want to take home some delicious beer from Amsterdam, you can buy them in The Cracked Kettle, which offers more than 500 types of beer, and they can also ship them internationally.

If you are looking for a place where you can sit down and relax while drinking beer, then you can try Café Gollem, which serves about 200 beers. If you want to tour a brewery, you can visit IJ Brewery, which has its own windmill and a tour that will allow you to sample 10 different organic beers that are made on-site.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is not really a popular destination for beer, but did you know that there are well-known, multi-location brewpubs here? One of those is Kiuchi Brewery, which started brewing beer in 1996. In Shibuya, Watering Hole opened in 2012, and it serves a mix of Japanese craft beers as well, including Onidensetsu and Minoh. Aside from that, you can also find here American favorites, including Burley Oak and Upslope.

You can try around 40 craft beers on tap in a modern and spacious interior by visiting Goodbeer Faucets, which is centrally located in the heart of Shibuya. It is a bar that is both Tokyo craft-beer staple and tourist-friendly respite.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is arguably the largest consumers of beers in the world, with an estimate of more than 41 gallons per person each year. This is why Czechs are believed to be the inventor of pilsner. People in Prague certainly love their beer, and this city is also one of the cheapest places in Europe if you are up to drinking amber ale.

When you visit Prague, you can choose from lots of historic beer halls and swanky bars, as well. Some of the best you can try are the 15th-century U Fleku, Bredovsky, and U Vejvodu.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is tagged as the City of Brotherly Love because the best bonding here can happen over a pint or two. If you are looking into tasting local Pennsylvania beers, you can go to Johnny Brendas. If you are searching for a large selection of draught-only craft beers, then you can visit Standard Tap. If you are a serious beer lover, you can visit Philadelphia in June and join the Philly Beer Week, which is a 10-day series of beer-related events.

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is the midpoint of the huge beer industry in Belgium. It is a place where the alcohol content is high,and the varieties are overflowing. When you visit Brussels, you can head to local watering holes, like the Puppet Cellar, the historic Mort Subite, and Delirium, which offers over 2,000 different types of beer.

Belgium also holds some of the best beer festivals. If you want to learn more about this, read our post about the most unusual and extreme beer festivals in the world.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee is one of the country’s top producers of beer, and also the base for four of the world’s largest breweries, namely Pabst, Blatz, and Miller. However, Miller is now the only one that still calls Milwaukee its home. But the beer legacy in this place survives through smaller breweries that have taken up residence here. And also, the Brewers, which is the fittingly named baseball team.

Some of the best places for beer in Milwaukee are at the Milwaukee Alehouse, Roman’s Pub, and the Sugar Maple, which is known to serve around 60-plus craft beers in the United States. You can also join Milwaukee’s annual Beer Baron’s World of Beer Festival, where you can sample over 150 beers from more than 50 breweries.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico is a place that produces dozens of beers. However, it only exports a few brands that have become household names in the United States. Therefore, visiting Mexico is a way for you to know the other kinds of beers they produce. You can find here other tasty varieties, and lots of them are brewed from century-old recipes. Some of the best ones you can enjoy under the Mexican sun are regional pilsners, including Superior and Victoria. You can also try boutique beers by visiting local brewers like the Santa Fe Beer Company and Cerveceria San Angel.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh has the highest number of pubs in Europe. The Scots have been brewing beer for thousands of years, and up until today, the tradition of drinking still continues in the pubs of Edinburgh. Some of the best places you can visit here are the Halfway House, which has a circling range of local cask beers, the historic Oxford Bar, the Bow Bar, and the Cumberland Bar, which is popular for its wide range of cask-conditioned ales and beer.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is home to Carlton and United Breweries. It is also in Australia where Foster’s Lager comes from, but locals here prefer Crown, Carlton Draught, or Victoria Bitter. Melbourne is a top beer destination because you’ll be able to find a pub on every major street corner. The beer prices are also relatively low, especially on tap. Tipping is also not required here.

They have different terms here when it comes to drinking beer. When they say “a shout”, it means you are buying the round. “Lite”, on the other hand, means low-alcohol, and not low calorie. When you visit Melbourne, you can get a “slab” of 24 cans for around A$1 per can at Dan Murphy, which is a big alcohol supermarket. You can also go to Beer DeLuxe, James Squire Brewhouse, and as well as the Local Taphouse if you are looking into drinking beer on tap.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi offers the cheapest and best varieties of beer in Asia. Some of the popular beer brands here are San Miguel, Tiger 333, Biere Larue, and Bia Saigon. You can also try a fresh beer or what is called Bia Hoi in Hanoi. It is a light-bodied pilsner that does not contain any preservatives. It is brewed and delivered daily to drinking establishments in Hanoi.

When drinking beer in Vietnam, beer us served over ice. You always pour your friend’s beer before your own, and when you toast, you say “tram phan tram”, which means “100%”.

Vienna, Austria

If you haven’t heard of an Austrian beer, well, it’s because the best beers in Vienna comefrom boutiquemicrobreweries. This is the reason why you don’t find them outside of Europe. Microbreweries are popular in Vienna, but multinational brewer groups are also dominating the local market, including brands like Wieselburger, Puntigamer, Zipfer, Gosser, and Schwechater.

If you are looking for homebrewed beers, you can visit 1515 in Vienna. If you want to try seasonal Viennese non-filtered beers, you can go to 7 Sterne Brau.

These are the top beer destinations in the world that you can visit, aside from the popular ones like Belgium, Oregon, and Maine. So, which of these places is your next beer destination?

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