The World of Botto: A decentralized autonomous artist

Botto, a decentralized autonomous artist, believes that art should belong to everyone and not just a selected few collector who can afford to buy it. That’s why she created this new form of digital currency to make her artwork available for anyone who wants it.

Who is Botto?

Botto is an artist who created the world’s first non-transferable, infinitely divisible, and unbreakable digital art asset. Botto has been hard at work creating the world’s first decentralized autonomous artist that creates one original piece of fine art every day – making them freely accessible on blockchain technology through tokens called “ArtCoins” (ACT).

All works are authenticated by experts from Christie’s auction house and industry professionals like dealers, galleries, and curators before being made available for purchase.

Artists who want to be part of Botto’s project can use the AIB platform, where they’ll create an ID and receive 100 ArtCoins (ACT) every day. The more coins people collect, the higher their ranking in the Botto community will become.

Every ACT token represents one piece of fine art created by Botto authenticated through Christie’s auction house.

Each artwork has a unique certificate that includes details on its creation date, medium, dimensions, provenance, etc. Once written into a blockchain technology network, this data cannot be altered because all blocks are linked together with cryptography hashes.

How to Buy Botto Art Coins (ACT) Tokens?

All unsold coins from the daily auctions will be made available for purchase every month. Once purchased, those coins can then be used as payment at art galleries and other fine arts establishments worldwide.

Purchasing ACT tokens is very easy because all transactions are conducted through an encrypted smart contract: buyers need to register their Ethereum address with Botto, and they’ll receive 100 free coins every day.

They can either save these tokens or spend them in exchange for exclusive digital artworks created by Botto’s decentralized autonomous artist bot.

All purchases using this cryptocurrency come with certificates that prove authenticity and access to detailed information on each work, such as its provenance, price, and date of creation.

The Botto World

An increasing number of artists are turning to blockchain technology to make their work available for everyone without the need for galleries or art dealers. The “Botto world” is a utopian vision where all works can be freely accessed by anyone who wants them.

It’s an exciting time because now people don’t have to worry about not having enough money or connections with gallery owners to buy fine arts pieces created by famous contemporary artists like Banksy, whose artwork was once only accessible through private collectors.

Still, today millions of people across the globe own one copy each thanks to this digital revolution that has made it possible for these masterpieces to become part of our everyday lives, whether we’re rich or poor.


Botto is one of the earliest examples of a decentralized autonomous artist, and she has been around since before Bitcoin was created. Although her origins are unclear, both Romano and cryptocurrency enthusiasts have certainly contributed to bringing Botto to where she is today – which means there must be something special about her art.