Things You Can Legally Do in Other Countries

The main purpose of the law is to bring peace and order to the society. But sometimes, the law seems to be too restrictive, especially if something you want to do is against it. Fortunately, there are many other countries in the world filled with people who have different cultures, values and beliefs – who wouldn’t mind seeing you doing something that is illegal in America because it’s perfectly fine in their country. You just need to know the right place to do it.

You can marry a dog in India1. You can marry a dog in India.

Do you love your pet so much that you think he/she is your true soulmate? In India, you can marry any animal, because bestiality is lawful in their country. It is not limited to dogs, but they are the most popular choice.



Your children can pee in public when in China2. Your children can pee in public when in China.

Because China is overpopulated and its major cities are overcrowded, access to public restrooms can be very limited. If you have a child with you, unpleasant situations would surely come your way when out in the city. To help parents, mainland China has allowed children to pee in public if they are having trouble finding a restroom or anywhere else for them to go.

You can walk around naked in Spain3. You can walk around naked in Spain.

Nudity is allowed, not only in nudist beaches, but also in any public place in Spain. Yes, you can walk without any piece of clothing in their parks, cities or sidewalks. The Spanish law does not only permit its people to walk around naked; it considers it as an inalienable human right.



You can drive a tank in England4. You can drive a tank in England.

In the US, you are allowed to have a joy ride in an armored vehicle, but only in restricted areas where people can experience how to drive a tank. But in England, you can use a tank to drive your kids to school or pick up some groceries because it is road legal. However, you still have to deactivate the weapons and put rubber tracks on wheels.

You can kill your cheating husband in Hong Kong5. You can kill your cheating husband in Hong Kong.

Adulterous men have the right to die in Hong Kong. If the wife finds out that her husband is cheating on her, she can freely kill him once he is proven guilty of adultery. To add to that, she only has to do it using her bare hands. It is believed that the ancient Chinese law was the basis of this rule.

You can go window shopping for sex in New Zealand6. You can go window shopping for sex in New Zealand.

Sex workers and prostitution are legal in many countries, as well as in some parts of Nevada in the US, but window shopping for prostitutes can only be done in New Zealand. While many European countries have big problems regarding sex trafficking, New Zealand dealt with it by legalizing prostitution and regulating it like any other type of business. Because of that, prostitutes do not need to hide from the police in New Zealand – they are actually protected by the law.

You can eat puffer fish in Japan7. You can eat puffer fish in Japan.

Puffer fish is poisonous, and that is why it is restricted in the US and Europe. It contains poisonous substances that, if consumed, can cause paralysis and death. However, you can “safely” eat this fish in Japan because they are prepared and served by well-trained chefs. The puffer fish delicacy is called fugu, and it continues to be one of the most sought-after dishes in the world. They say deaths are rare, but “rare” is still not the same with “none.”

You can legally sell your kidneys in Iran8. You can legally sell your kidneys in Iran.

If you are in need of a kidney, Iran is the place to go. People in their country advertise their own kidneys by putting up posters with their blood types and phone numbers – some even include their test results to show that their kidneys are in good shape. It was indeed controversial, but it definitely helped eliminate donor waiting lists.

You can drink real absinthe in Czech Republic9. You can drink real absinthe in Czech Republic.

Absinthe was illegal before, but it has become available in the US at a number of cocktail bars. But still, the government is regulating thujone, a chemical content of the drink that has mind-bending properties. The FDA only allows 10 milligrams of thujone per liter of absinthe, but in Czech Republic, you can sip the real thing because they allow up to 100 milligrams of it.

You can leave young children alone at home in Russia10. You can leave young children alone at home in Russia.

In the US, there are regulations about how young children must not be left completely alone in their houses by their parents or guardians. Child protective services can get in the way if a child too young was found alone in your house, and you might get into legal trouble for neglecting your child. But in Russia, it is very common to leave children at the house alone even if they are still very young. They let their little kids go to the school or to the store alone, and they find nothing wrong with that.