Tips To Make Your Face Mask Fashionable


The main reason we mask up during the COVID-19 pandemic is to help curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus. But since the pandemic threatens to be with us for a long time, masks have become part and parcel of our everyday wear. Only last year when the news of COVID-19 first broke out, masks were made from repurposed handkerchiefs and scarves. But today, masks have become trendy, expressive accessories.

Last year, everyone was in a mad dash to stock up on these face coverings. Online shoppers went berserk as medical stores ran out of stock. And when the supply could no longer keep up with the surging demand, people began stitching their masks, using all sorts of raw materials from socks to handkerchiefs. But like most things, masks are not the simple face coverings that we used today. If you get the best winter face mask and a complimentary neck gaiter, you can make a fashion statement even as you protect yourself from the virus. Here are tips from fashion gurus on how to bring the best of your looks even when you are wearing a mask.

Choose a Mask that Matches Your Personality

What’s your fashion personality? Are you bold or subtle? To get the best winter face mask, you have to select one that matches your fashion personality. Megan Riley, the head of marketing and communications at Home Grown Restaurant, urges choosing versatile neutrals to complement an attractive outfit.

She says that she only buys neutral-colored masks. And when not at work, she prefers wearing lighter-colored masks as it blends in well with almost everything.

Another tip is to make your mask the focus of your outfits. When you choose this route, you may want to go with colorful and conspicuous masks that make a fashion statement. Because wearing a mask in public is now mandatory, you should consider making them a part of your outfit.

Select a Face Masks with Ear Loops as they Maximize Options for Hairstyle

Masks either tie in the back or loop around your ears. So which one should you choose? Masks that have ear loops are the ones recommended as they have both aesthetic and comfort reasons. Another advantage of these masks is that they don’t affect your hair. This means you can do a top-knot, bun, down-loose, or just about anything you like.

After choosing the best winter face mask that appeals to you, the world will be your oyster. And when it comes to colors and patterns, the best tip is to mix things up. You can coordinate your face mask, so it complements your outfit. Another idea is to make the particular color pop. If you like, you can try subtle pattern clashing.

Focus on the Eyes

With the mask covering the greater part of the face, there has never been a better time to focus on our peepers.

If you haven’t been using an eye serum, now’s as good a time as any. Eye serums help to boost eye cream efficacy. Applying eye masks will also help to soften wrinkles and lines appearance.

Another thing you could do to brighten your look is applying eye makeup.

Also, liquid eye tints work wonderfully well, as they are long-wearing, easy to apply, and don’t flake or move. If you want more tips to emphasize on your eyes, you could look on the internet on a site like Pinterest. It contains makeup tips from all cultures that have been using face masks.

In the Middle East, for instance, Arab women have let their beauty shine through hijabs since time immemorial.

Also, you want to pay more attention to your eyebrows, since eyebrows that are well-defined can easily distract from creases and lines appearance.

Turn Your Mask into a Mood Lifter

Although masks are the most prominent symbol of the pandemic, they can also be used for boosting morale and as a way of self-expression. The face mask is the accessory of 2020, and people have adapted beautifully to make it an integral part of their style. They have bedazzled looks and even inspirational quotes on them.

To make your mask a mood-booster, select fun colors, prints, or masks with positive sayings. Today, there are limitless options for face coverings. This means that it’s not hard to find uplifting and fun masks to brighten the mood. Whether the mask has a meaningful quote or a decoration, there is every reason for your mask to put a smile on your face.

Make your Hair Stand Out

With the face hidden behind the mask, the hair enjoys the kind of spotlight it has never enjoyed before. The hair is an important accessory and there is no way we can allow the mask to overshadow it.

Beauty experts advise a color wash shampoo along with a conditioner containing semi-permanent dye to brighten dulled tones.

It can function as a toner when you don’t go to the salon as it keeps the hair maintained and beautiful.

This could also be the time to make things lively with creative color choices. If you want to color wash your hair, you don’t want to look beyond lavender and pink. Others are brown, blond, and silver tones.

Another thing that can attract attention to your hair, apart from brightening its color, is the cut and style you have chosen.

Masks tend to shadow people’s faces. Therefore, if you have a few lighter locks near your eyes, they could brighten up the area.

Next time you are at the salon, request a tone-on-tone contrast as opposed to a heavier contrast. This has the effect of creating a more luminous appearance.


Your face mask’s cardinal function is to protect you from virus infection but it does not in any way mean that you cannot have fun wearing your mask. Because the pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon, people have learned to incorporate them into their daily wear. Today, you can greatly complement your outfit and face by choosing the best winter face mask. To make your mask even more stylish, throw in an elegant neck gaiter. These beauty accessories are reusable, easy to wash, and highly versatile.