Top 10 famous father-sons to play football


There is a tendency nowadays for people to have someone to respect and follow up. Born and raised in a family where the dad is a famous footballer, the kids often take inspiration from their dads and dream of becoming the next generation of talented footballers.

In the football industry, there are so many incredible kids that follow the dads’ steps. In this post, W88 bookmakers give you the Top 10 sons who successfully traced a career in football like their dads.

10 famous father-sons to play football

1. Diego Simeone & Giovanni Simeone

Diego Simeone & Giovanni Simeone

Diego was a brilliant midfielder that starred for Sevilla, Inter Milan, Atletico, and Lazio during the period from 1987 to 2006. He used to be a La Liga, Serie A, and Copa America champion during his stellar career.

After that till now, he has started his career of being a team coach. Although being a player or a coach, he has always enjoyed unparalleled success in many football seasons.

His son Giovanni followed him, making a name for himself in Italy. Giovanni opts to play for Cagliari – a club ranked the second in the Serie behind Joao Pedro on a season loan deal.

2. Danny Blind & Daley Blind

Danny spent most of his playing time in Amsterdam, where he made 494 first-team appearances on route to five Eredivisie titles, four KNVB Cups, one Champions League, and the UEFA Cup.

However, he received a disappointing two-year spell in football when playing with the Netherlands. This spell was effective in just two years and was outdated in 2017.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, his son Daley, meanwhile, has become a defender for Ajax and Holland. The little son played for Manchester United and won the Europa League, FA Cup, and EFL Cup. Both the son and dad have been an enormous pride to Ajax in their playing time.

3. Alf-Inge Haaland & Erling Haaland

Alf-Inge Haaland & Erling Haaland

While the father Alf-Inge played for Nottingham Forest, Leeds United and Manchester City, the son is a potential player in Borussia Dortmund. Earling has been registered as a young prospect in football after a breakthrough he made in RB Salzburg.

BVB wishes that Erling would keep up his stunning Champions League take place in next month’s last-16 tie with Paris Saint-Germain.

4. Patrick Kluivert & Justin Kluivert

Patrick is a Netherland striker. He was propelled to stardom when playing for Ajax and Barcelona between 1994 and 2008. He was the third-highest goalscorer in history and on a stunning 40 goals in 79 matches. He also won a host of titles, including three Eredivisie titles and a Champions League.

Meanwhile, Justin has forged a successful career of his own and became one of the most potential players of the next decade. Like his father, the 20-year-old began his career at Ajax and moved to Italy when he was still young. His life at AS Roma has been good for Justin, with many fans expecting him to become a Barcelona player in the future as well.

I bet that you do not know that his grandfather was also a player for S.V. Robinhood on the northeastern coast of South America.

5. Frank Lampard Sr. & Frank Lampard Jr.

Frank Lampard Sr. & Frank Lampard Jr.

Without a doubt, Frank Jr is one of the greatest English midfielders that played for Chelsea and England. The 41-year-old helped Chelsea win many major honors, including three Premier League titles and a Champions League.

The 2005 Ballon d’Or runner-up hopes that he could rekindle his old magic as the Blues’ head coach for this season.

Frank first started out at West Ham United just like his father, Frank Sr who made over 500 appearances for the Hammers and conquered 2 FA Cups before 1985.

6. Johan Cruyff & Jordi Cruyff

Johan Cruyff is being recognized as one of the greatest of all-time following a glorious career at Ajax and Barcelona. The three-time Ballon d’Or winner also brought the championship for the Netherlands when reaching the 1974 World Cup final.

Jordi, on the other hand, formed a stellar career of his own by starring for Barcelona and Manchester United. He led Deportivo Alaves to a surprise UEFA Cup final during the latter stages in his playing time and narrowly lost 5-4 to Liverpool in the final.

7. Mazinho – Thiago Alcântara e Rafinha Alcântara

Mazinho – Thiago Alcântara e Rafinha Alcântara

After graduating from Barcelona’s youth ranks, Thiago and Rafinha have become two famous footballers in Europe.

Thiago is currently the main midfielder for Bayern Munich and has won six Bundesliga titles since 2013. The 26-year-old has met difficulties to make his mark at Barcelona and he’s been on three loan spells already with Inter Milan and Celta Vigo twice. In contrast, Rafinha is a Champions League champion.

The duo’s father Mazinho, meanwhile, didn’t have a remarkable career as his sons. The 53-year-old’s shiniest moment in football came in winning the 1994 World Cup for Brazil. Besides, he also won the Copa America and played in La Liga for Celta Vigo and Valencia in his football career.

8. Peter Schmeichel & Kasper Schmeichel

Peter is convincingly Denmark’s greatest goalkeeper in history and a Manchester United star. The Dane won the Goalkeeper of the Year three times. He also brought Denmark to success in Euro 1992. Meanwhile, Kasper had a successful career at Leicester City and was a member of the famous 2015/16 Premier League title-winning team.

9. The Maldini family

The Maldini family has three generations, beginning with Cesare in 1952.

The former defender began being recognized in football for his excellent passing and organizational skills, which helped AC Milan beat four Serie A titles and a European Cup. After a glittering playing career, Cesare returned to the San Siro twice as a manager before passing away in 2016.

His son, Paolo, lived up to the family name by becoming an AC Milan star. And now young Christian and Daniel are starting their own careers as footballers.

10. Zinedine Zidane & Luca Zidane

Zinedine Zidane & Luca Zidane

Young Luca has difficulties breaking into the Real Madrid team ever since graduating from the youth level. Luca is playing for Racing Santander in the Spanish second division on loan at the moment, and he hopes to impress enough to rival Thibaut Courtois for the No.1 jersey when he comes back.

Of course, Zinedine needs no description as one of the greatest living legends in the game. While bearing the Zidane surname is a great burden, Luca is always proud of what his dad gave him nonetheless.

In addition to Luca, Zidane’s three other sons (Enzo Fernandez, Theo and Elyaz) are also in football and are on the list at Real Madrid. Do you love Real Madrid and the names that bear the Zidane surname? Do you play betting? Do you want to bet on Real Madrid? If the answer is yes, try to access Happyluke and legally bet on the matches of the day.


There have been several cases of football father-sons. While some of them did not live up to the expectations, playing at a low level, the others actually exceeded the things their progenitors did through their careers. However, whatever they are gonna achieve in their football career, it is a wonderful thing that they can live a life they want to, do what they dream of and continue the dream of their beloved dad.

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