Top 10 greatest legends of Manchester United football club


It is undeniable that Manchester United is one of the most successful football clubs in England. The club not only owns a strong financial background but also has a large number of fans in the world. During many years of establishment, there are a lot of good players who contribute to the club’s success. So, who are the top 10 greatest legends of Manchester United?

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George Best (1963 – 1974)

George Best is compared to Pele of European football. He is one of the greatest football players of all time in Manchester United. Started playing in Old Trafford at the age of 17, George Best was instructed by coach Matt Busby and other famous football players like Denis Law and Bobby Charlton.

George Best/ Ph: Planetfootball

In the 1963-1064 season, Best played 26 matches, scoring 6 goals. In the following season, he became a nightmare for the opponent when scoring 14 goals in 59 matches. Best was the leading player in the world in the 1960s and early 1970s, won the European Golden Ball in 1968, the best player in English football in 1968, and the main nucleus when Manchester United won the C1 Cup in 1968.

Sir Bobby Charlton (1956 – 1973)

Sir Bobby Charlton is a lucky player who wins all the titles of his career. He owns every European championship with Manchester, even the World Cup with the England national football team. Sir Bobby Charlton officially joined the club from the 1956-1957 season. Immediately, he made a very good impression when scoring up to 10 goals in just 14 matches in the first season.

During his 17-year career with Manchester, he played 606 matches, scoring a total of 199 goals. He ranked second in the list of players playing the most for M.U (behind Ryan Giggs with 963 matches).

Ryan Giggs (1990 – 2013)

Ryan Giggs is considered as a small image, a symbol of Manchester United. Giggs is also a player who is loyal to his team. He joined M.U when he was 17 years old in 1990. In 23 years of professional playing, he devoted to M.U and has collected a huge number of titles including 13 Premier League titles, 4 FA Cups, 4 League Cups, and 2 Champions Leagues with 963 appearances.

Ryan Giggs (1990 – 2013)

Ryan Giggs/ Ph: Goal

Eric Cantona (1992 – 1997)

Eric Cantona, a French football player who is highly appreciated in his career. Experts used to comment that coach Sir Alex could not be so successful without Cantona. It is said that Eric Cantona is an important key for Manchester to achieve their success. After 5 years playing for Manchester United, Cantona and his teammates won 4 Premier League titles.

When Eric Cantona was still playing at M.U, he also wore the number seven shirt, a legendary number seven in M.U history. Eric Cantona joined Manchester from Leeds United in 1992. The transfer fee at that time was 1.2 million pounds.

Peter Schmeichel (1991 – 1999)

Schmeichel was a foreign player, also the first foreigner who dominated English football. In the hearts of many fans, this former Danish goalkeeper is the best guard of Manchester. In the historic treble in 1999 of M.U, the team’s solid goal could not be protected without Peter.

Peter Schmeichel (1991 – 1999)

Peter Schmeichel/ Ph: Standard

Peter Schmeichel and M.U have won all the noble titles such as 5 Premier League titles in the Champions League 1998-1999 season. However, Peter has moved to play for Man City from the 2002-1003 season. And even so, this is still one of the best guardians in the history of Manchester United.

Duncan Edwards (1953 – 1958)

Duncan Edwards is considered as a perfect player. He is tall and strong, has extremely good speed, plays well on both feet, and especially can play at any position. Duncan started appearing in Manchester’s first team on 4th April 1953 (against Cardiff City at Old Trafford) when he was 16 years old. He officially signed a professional contract 8 months later.

With his talent, Duncan first appeared for the England national team at the age of 18. He was the second-youngest player of the Misty Land in the 20th century. His record was broken only by Michael Owen after more than 40 years, in February 1998.

Bryan Robson (1981 – 1994)

Although Bryan Robson has entered the final stage of his football career, he still plays with a bright performance under the guidance of coach Sir Alex Ferguson. He was the player who helped Manchester United win a double title in the first two seasons of the Football League First Division.

Bryan Robson (1981 – 1994)

Bryan Robson/ Ph: Premierleague

Denis Law (1962 – 1973)

Dennis Law is one of the three names that made Manchester United the top club in the world under the time of coach Sir Matt Busby. He also contributed a lot to help the club win the first European Cup championship in 1968.

Paul Scholes (1993 – 2013)@

Unlike the shy and humble appearance, Paul Scholes always proves he is a true warrior every time he enters the match. It can be said that Scholes devoted all his talent to M.U. He ranked third in the list of players who play the most for M.U (with a total of 817 matches). Paul Scholes was a member of the golden generation in 1992.

Paul Scholes (1993 – 2013)

Paul Scholes/ Ph: Soikeo Tot

The former British football star had a great influence on the playing style of the world’s top two players, Andrea Pirlo (Juve), and Xavi Hernandez (Barca).

Cristiano Ronaldo (2003 – 2009)

CR7 is indeed a bright star in M.U’s team. From a player with a slim body and not known by many football fans but after playing in Old Trafford, Cristiano Ronaldo has become one of the top superstars of world football. However, Manchester United was unable to keep Ronaldo when he moved to Real in the 2009 summer transfer for a record transfer fee of up to 80 million pounds.

It can be said that Manchester United may not gain such success without those legendary football players. They have contributed to a successful English club which has a great influence on England football in particular and world football in general.

Above are United’s top 10 greatest players of all time. Do you agree or disagree? The selection is limited, so the inevitable “hero in your heart” is not here. Leave a comment below.

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