Top 4 Free Image Background Remover Services Online


It happens that you came out well in the photo, but the background did not work out. There may be random people there, or just an ugly view that spoils the atmosphere of the photo. In such a situation, the best solution would be to remove the background from the image. Background removal also comes in handy when creating collages and promotional images.

Many users believe that removing the background in a photo is an extremely difficult and painstaking task. In fact, it is not at all difficult – you just need to have the right tool or service. In this article, we have shared top 4 free background removal online services that will effortlessly cut out the background of any image.

4 Online Background Removal Tools

1. Depositphotos

Appeared in 2009, since then it is growing its audience on regular basis. This online service helps you remove background of any image from JPG or PNG format. No matter, there is animal, people, things etc, you can remove anything you want. Moreover, you are allowed to edit the image where you can add or remove or things on image. The maximum allowed image processing size is 15 MB. You can also preview image after background removal and then download it.

Steps to use Depositphotos:

  • Open in browser and click on “Upload Image” for processing.
  • The uploaded image will be processed and background removed preview will appear.
  • Click on download image and register an account to download it.

2. RemoveBG

The second one is automatic image removal service RemoveBG. The user-interface of website is neat and simple. You just need to click on button and select image OR can simply drag and drop the image. The best thing is you can also add URL which it will automatically fetch and process. You can further edit the image online. The final result can be downloaded on your system.

Steps to remove background from image:

  • Browse and click on the Upload Image button to add an image.
  • The tool will load and process the image to make the background of the image transparent.
  • Click the Upload button to save the image to the system.

3. InPixio

The third one is InPixio that allows its users to upload any image in JPG or PNG format to remove background automatically. The steps are very simple and few that will give you transparent image in return. There are 2 options, you can simply upload file from PC or can add a link to the image. If required, you can also crop the specific area of image to make it look better. After successful processing, download the image to your system.

Steps to follow:

  • Visit and click Select Photo to upload image.
  • After uploading, scale or crop image by moving slider. After done, click on Apply.
  • The processed image will return in few seconds. Download it by clicking Save Your Photo.

4. Experte

Last one is Experte that offers multiple service online. The best and free one is background removal of JPG or PNG formats. The resulting image will be in PNG format. Website has simple user-interface that makes it very easy to use and process images. You can preview the image before final processing and downloading. But one disadvantage is you can process 10 images per minute / per free user.

Steps to remove background:

  • Visit and click on Select image to upload the image.
  • The image will start processing. Wait for few seconds.
  • Once complete, download the image by clicking Download (HD) button.
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