Top 5 Cakes that Are Perfect for Valentine’s Day


Everybody awaits eagerly to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is in the trend and a person celebrating this day has his/her own special reason for celebrating this occasion. Though this occasion is associated with love, the origin of this festival isn’t as romantic as it is known. The history of Valentine’s day goes back to the centuries ago, and the name comes after the saint of Rome called Valentine. According to the legends, Saint Valentine secretly married the roman soldier’s daughter for which he was killed.  From there on, this day was marked as the day of love for every person in the world. The practice of sending gifts such as flowers, chocolates, and cake with the help of online cake delivery has gained popularity with the passage of time. It’s a day to express love and care to someone special.

Sending a beautiful handmade cake to your dear ones will perfectly show how much you love the recipient. Several cake flavors contain various sentiments which help you to convey your feelings to the receiver. Valentine’s Day is celebrated with cakes, like every other festival, and the festival is incomplete without a cake. These sweet pies allow everyone to celebrate the occasion with full excitement. To make your valentine’s shopping for cake easy we have arranged a few best cakes which you can pick.

Blackforest cake

This cake is one of the most famous of all and doesn’t need to be introduced. This cake is the most delicious, which is an unavoidable pick for you on this valentine and would open the gateway of happiness that is well baked with chocolate, whipped cream, and cherries on the top. The basic process of baking this cake includes chocolate bread having layers of red cherries or cherry jam and white whipped cream and topped with chocolate pieces or icing. This cake is attracting the senses of the people from the ages. This cake has the perfect charm and appeal that you can share with your beloved. You can also get online cake in London and get fresh cake at your desired place.

Heart-Shaped Chocolate truffle

This confectionery is made traditionally with chocolate ganache, cocoa powder, and chopped dry fruits. Truffle cake is soft from inside and nicely hard from outside. Chocolate truffles are the best chocolate cake. The recipe for this cake is exceptionally easy, but seeing this cake seems difficult to make. The truffle cake is topped with chocolate icing and loaded with a blend of delicious filling. You can choose and order cake online from various online stores. This cake comes in various shapes and sizes that will fill your ordinary celebration into a special one.

Red velvet cake

This rich in chocolate flavored sponge cake comes with a special reddish color, which contains layers of buttercream or cream cheese icing. Occasions like valentine deserve to be celebrated with red velvet cake, which helps make your celebration best. On this valentine’s day surprise your valentine with this delicious valentine red velvet cake, and express your love with delicious bites of this cake. For loved one, this is the best cake as it is red in color which is the symbol of love. So, without any doubt, you can buy this red velvet cake on this upcoming valentine.

Heart shape vanilla cake

Valentine is the perfect occasion to showcase your feelings to the person you love. And the thing which can express your feelings to them in a delicious way is a cake. The buttery and smooth texture of this cake makes it a great cake for every occasion. Making this cake is fairly easy! This recipe uses butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, and other commonly used ingredients that are mixed and baked properly.

Fondant cake

This cake is one of the unique cakes which can be shaped into a doll, a car which is a delight for every occasion. Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate with love and emotion. To celebrate the unforgettable moments you can order this cake from an online or local shop.

So, if you are looking for a cake to uplift the celebration of valentine, you can pick any of these flavored cake delivery in Noida or at your doorstep.




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