Top 5 Hats for Men with Big Heads.


Hats can become an integral part of your dressing as they can complement your dress and make you look stunning by providing the finishing touch that you need. Hats come in different designs and sizes and different brands keep striving to produce the best hat designs every day. 

However, many people always ask the question, “can men with big heads wear hats?”. This question is an important one as most hats seem to be made for people with small or normal heads. But then, there are big hats specially made for men with big heads. 

You wouldn’t want to wear a small hat on a big head and feel uncomfortable. Asides from being uncomfortable, it makes your entire dressing unbalanced and funny. Therefore, this post will help you by highlighting some things you should consider before buying a hat and also some hats that might be suitable for big heads. 

Things you should consider before buying Hats 

The following are the things you should look out for in a hat before you purchase it especially when you have a big head. 

The Sweatbands

Hats vary based on brands and not all hats have sweatbands. Buying a hat with sweatbands will be really nice for you. Sweatbands are majorly made with cotton as well as absorbent fabrics. It will be of great advantage to those with big heads because they help with moisture control and since the material is absorbent, it prevents sweat from covering your face. 

Guys with big heads often sweat easily which is why the hats might get stained when there is no sweatband. However, a sweatband isn’t going to perfectly prevent you from sweating when using a hat, but will definitely help a lot. They can also be replaced too. 

The Brim or Bill Size

If you are familiar with hats, you definitely will know that the brim surrounds a hat completely while the bill covers a part of the hat, usually the front. As a guy with a big head, you can’t afford to make the mistake of buying small hats, because they won’t look good on you, which is why you should buy hats with big bills and large brims. 

So for you to look good in your hats, don’t just go for conventional size options, be sure that you know your accurate hat size. 

The material it is made of

It is right to say that hats can be made from almost anything. So there are hats made from some materials that shouldn’t in any way be an option for your big head. Definitely, hats made from paper can’t give you what you need for your head. 

It is advised you go for hats that are made from breathable materials that can make your head cool. This is why most men with big heads usually go for hats made from cotton because cotton is a breathable material. Aside from that, it is light and will make you feel comfortable and also stay cool. 

The color

Most people don’t really pay attention to the color of hats before buying. And it is an important thing to consider, especially for men with big heads. Dark colors tend to attract more heat than lighter colors. 

The fact that dark hats, especially black, tend to match and complement dresses better can’t be disputed. However, if you are a man with a big head, who is interested in staying cool while using a hat, it is advised that you don’t go for this color. The color factor isn’t so much of an issue, but it is worth considering for those with big heads. 

How adjustable it is and its size 

This seems to be one of the most important things to consider before buying hats as a man with a big head. It is important you know your specific hat size especially if you recently lost or gained weight. 

Men with big heads should go for adjustable hats instead of fitted hats that have a fixed size. And hats normally shrink in size with time, they don’t stretch out. So to be on the safe side, go for bigger hats rather than the smaller ones. 


Top 5 hats for your Bighead

Havana Fedora

The Havana Fedora hat is a good bet for you if you have a big head. The brim size is about 3 inches and it has a contrasting ribbon band that gives it a unique style. 

One beautiful thing about this hat is that it can easily return to its original shape when it is squeezed or crushed. It is highly sun-protective, making it useful as a travel hat. 

Voyager Sports Hat

If you are looking for a sleek hat that is suitable for your big bead, the voyager sports hat could be an option to consider. It provides very good sun protection and reduces moisture while wearing it. 

The voyager has a wide brim that protects your face and also comes with an adjustable chain strap. It also comes in large sizes that fit men with big heads. 

Wind haven Hat

The wind haven hat is another great option for your big head. It is very suitable for hiking and it is waterproof, which means it doesn’t lose shape or even color if you expose it to water. 

So if you are always on the water and have a bug head, wind haven is a great choice for you. It also provides good sun protection

El Ranchero Straw Hat

The El Ranchero is great for men with big heads as it comes with an extra wide brim that makes it sun protective. It comes in various big sizes that will match up to what you need. Aside from this, it is highly durable and fashionable. 


Johnny Fedora

The Johnny Fedora is a good option for lovers of fedora shapes and is very sleek and fashionable. It comes in various large sizes for men with big heads. It is also unisex which means you could share it with your partner. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Men with big heads definitely want hats that will make them feel very comfortable and also look fashionable. Therefore, this post will help you make the right choice since you now know what to look out for in hats before buying. 

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