Top 5 ways to enhance your career in nursing

Being a nurse requires a lot of time and energy. However, it is also one of the most satisfying careers. If you are a natural people-helper, then nursing may be the job for you! Nurses are like servants of God sent from the skies to help humanity during its time of crisis. As stressful, frustrating, and dreary at times, it is still a high demanding career choice.

Especially now, with almost a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, authorities are looking for more reliable, professional nurses to hire. It is a perfect time and opportunity for nurse-lovers to grab this chance while it lasts. Being a nurse or while becoming one does not only mean that you take care of the people and provide your services. It also means that you care about your career and take it to new heights. Not only are you committed to aiding the public, but you are also dedicated to your job and travel towards a fruitful journey.

Many questions arise regarding the growth in this career, and most of them start with “where should I start from?” “What else should I do to enhance my career?”, Or “how do I go up from the ladder?”

We will answer these questions in our five tips to take your nursing career to the next level.

Higher Education – Nursing School

Education is the key to open the doors of endless opportunities. Healthcare faces specialist demands for specialist nurses training at the medical level because of the changing environment. The need to do more for patients and the shortage of competent nurses is alarming. If you’re an RN nurse with a BA, enrolling in an Online BSN to Doctor of Nursing Practice may be the perfect decision! A bachelor’s degree gives way to new breaks that may take your career to a better path.

Specialize in a Certain Field

It is good to paint a big picture, but it is wiser to narrow it down to fit your desired area. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in nursing, the next step is to go for a master’s. But which one? The profession has numerous areas where one can specialize. Select the one which interests you the most and get a degree in master’s nursing online. Through online schooling, you won’t have to juggle your shift hours and school hours. Nor would you be dragging yourself to study after an exhausting day. You can quickly obtain a master’s degree in your specialization field and outshine your work too!

Nurses who go further during their nursing education are more competitive among their class peers. The higher knowledge and professionalism, the better opportunities and employment pay! A master’s degree will take your nursing career to new heights. Many public and private hospitals prefer to have nurses who have degrees beyond their bachelor’s. If you want to go ahead, then a master’s in nursing is a must.

Experience in Diverse Units

As a nurse, you should not limit yourself to one unit; instead, explore and experience the different departments. Doing so will provide you ample exposure to another dimension of nursing. It will aid your likes and dislikes, and you will eventually find out which unit suits you best.

It will make you more competitive among your colleagues when you go out in the job market. Employers prefer someone who has experience and knowledge in various units to someone who stayed in their comfort zone. Hospitals are quick to hire such nurses for those who possess sound understanding and familiarity in different work units.

Exposing yourself to various nursing units will also build your network. You will work under multiple supervisors and with different colleagues and gain a knowledgeable experience of stimulating situations. Having a good network of connections is always beneficial when looking for new opportunities. You can use them as your future recommendation if you have built a good rapport with them! Leave the comfort and explore your areas; you’ll be surprised at how much you will learn with this.

Become a Part of a Professional Association

Again, becoming a part of a specialized nursing association will give a boost to your network and nursing experience. There are countless benefits of joining a professional nursing association, from being surrounded by diligent, passionate, and dedicated nurses to getting employment sponsorship and much more. A nurse in a professional nursing organization may also get discounts and invites on health care contracts or continuing nursing education.

These associates or organizations will be some fantastic resources to supplement you while searching for employment. Take as much advantage you can get from these organizations as they will assist you multifariously during your nursing career.

Blogs by Nurses

What better way to stay updated and connected with your field during the 21st Century of technology? The days of rummaging through books are gone, and the “click and go” era has come. With this technological benefit, you can connect, learn, and stay informed on the latest industrial news using proficient nurses’ blogs. In multiple fields, individuals who remain aware and have sound knowledge of new developments get the preference. Such employees have a brighter future than their competing co-workers.

Becoming a leader or getting a high promotion may require adequate knowledge and dedication whether you’re a nurse or anyone. Unfortunately, many don’t bother about these things and tend to go with the flow. Those who differ and stay aware of everything have higher chances of getting success quicker than others.


Nursing is a career both exhausting and fruitful. The experience you gain, the lessons you learn, and the stories you hear are all worth it in the end. Helping and saving humanity is a fulfilling job, and those who love being human-angels can do great in this field. They are there in a person’s most critical moments and are their potential lifesavers. Nurses have career ladders to climb and become successful in their work. An employed or graduate nurse needs to keep expanding their educational horizons for more and better opportunities. As a nurse, you should complete a master’s or get a degree in a specialized field. It may just be the right thing to do.