Top 5 Wine Gifts This Easter


With Easter coming up in a month, you have probably started wondering what you are going to gift family and friends. Many of your gifts will be going to people hosting you for dinners or lunches, which makes wine the perfect option. Easter, unlike Christmas, is not in the middle of a long festive season, and everyone needs to rest their brains in the break from work. Taking this into account, bringing a beverage that everyone can enjoy with the meal is always a hit.

If you do not know much about wine, you may understandably fear the idea of bringing a bottle that everyone hates. The good news is there are some wines that will always be welcomed. Consider buying your friends some wine gift baskets with the following types of wine.

1. Riesling (for ham dinners)

Chances are you are going to be having at least one ham dinner during Easter. A good Riesling is a perfect wine to pair with ham. Rieslings have a fruitiness that balances the saltiness of the ham. It is a smooth wine that anyone can enjoy, regardless of how cultured their palates may or may not be.

2. Rosé Champagne or Sparkling Wine

At any celebration, champagne is always welcome. Going with a Rosé ensures that everyone can appreciate the taste, even those who do not usually enjoy drinking wine. If champagne is not available or is terribly overpriced, consider an Italian sparkling wine.

3. Burgundy (for lamb)

If you know anything about wine, you are aware that lamb is best paired with a deep red. In fact, some of the best lamb dishes are cooked in red wine for hours before being cooked. A red Burgundy is the ideal wine pairing for a lamb meal. It is not the easiest wine to drink on its own, however, so make sure it is served alongside the food.

4. Chardonnay (for potatoes)

Prefer to forego a heavy red? Instead of pairing your wine with the lamb, focus on the potatoes. Lighter wines are better for potato dishes, and a good Chardonnay will be perfect. Alternatively, you can keep it for after dinner as you sit around and enjoy each other’s company.

5. Dessert wine

A dessert wine is going to be a popular choice as everyone winds down. Dessert wines are just about any sweet wines, but you are safe going with a Chenin Blanc, as it is lighter than many other options.

Find a wine club

The easiest way to find the right wine to bring to an Easter event is to join a wine club. Wine clubs are the perfect entry point for budding wine enthusiasts, and with the advice of experts, you will always be ready with a bottle that everyone will love.  Be sure to consider bringing a wine gift basket as well.

Wine clubs will also benefit you year-round, as you train your palate to appreciate the nuances between different kinds of wine. They give you a chance to enhance your experience without spending tons of money.

Easter should be a time to relax, not stress about gifts. Choose a wine basket with one of the above wines and it will certainly be a hit.

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