Top 5 Winter Date Ideas


Wintertime has got to be one of the most romantic times a year. There is something about when the temperature drops that makes it the perfect cuddle weather, and equally, the perfect time to come up with some cozy date ideas!

No matter what type of budget you may have or how far down the track your relationship is, we’ve got a whole range of date ideas that are sure to impress that special someone and set you up with super cozy cuddle sessions.

Here are our top winter date ideas that are easy to plan and affordable to do.

1. Movie night at home

Going to the movies can be an expensive exercise. So why not organize a super cute movie date night at home? Create a super romantic area in the living room (even build a fort with fairy lights?!) and get out all the comfy cushions and blankets. Don’t forget the movie snacks too! Popcorn, chocolate, and red wine make for the ultimate movie night at home meal. Plus, with your added privacy, we bet the two of you won’t make it through the entire movie without cuddling (or more!)

2. Take to the ice skating rink

One of the best ways to organize a date that will lead to holding hands is by going ice skating. Bundle up in your scarf and ear warmers and head to the skating rink. Whether it be at night under twinkling lights or in the afternoon with upbeat music, the two of you are bound to have a super fun time. And to make the date to the ice skating rink even cooler, organize a sweet box of chocolates to bring out after the skating session is done—you’ve burned enough calories that she won’t mind eating a few or more on the spot!

3. Get out the board games

Ditch the screens and have a classic board game night by the fireplace. Games like Life, Guess Who or Monopoly will easily take up a few hours and can be played with two people. Don’t forget to bring out the game night snacks as well—you’ll at least need a few bottles of wines, a platter of chocolates, some bowls of chips, and even a cheeseboard! We promise that this evening of board game fun will lead to what will likely be a very romantic evening.

4. Have a picnic, inside

While summertime is made for picnics outside, don’t let the winter weather prevent you from having one during this time as well. Just swap locations and have a picnic inside. Your living room is probably a great place for this, where you can plop the picnic blanket on the floor, create a beautiful spread of food on the ground, and put on some relaxing background music to drive a chill atmosphere for the date. It is a super thoughtful gesture and will definitely impress that special someone, while not costing you a whole lot of money.

5. Visit a museum

Many museums are free or have very low admission prices. So head off to a museum for the day, which will not only give you two plenty to talk about but be the perfect intro activity before heading out to get a winter-themed cocktail afterward. There is something quite romantic about exploring and learning together, and a museum is an amazing place to do just that!

Organizing dates in the winter is easier than most realize! All that you have to do is get a bit creative and go for the cozy ideas that will keep you both warm. In the winter, simple is best and the cold atmosphere will give you that romantic ambiance.


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