Top 5 work from home jobs to get by during quarantine


The coronavirus pandemic had drastically changed everything globally including work. the traditional way of working has shifted online. In fact this is the case for every field of work. People are now working from home and a great number of people have fallen prey to unemployment. Even though it feels like the odds are not in your favor you can turn it around and use this pandemic for your benefit. Just like they say when a door closes another one opens; loads of new job opportunities have surfaced after the advent of the pandemic.

The top 5 of these stay-at-home jobs are listed below.

1. Teaching and Tutoring

Having to get privately tutored has been pretty normalized now, either it’s a sort of training or learning a new language, the English language, a skill, school homework, college work, etc. With the shift towards online education, you can now teach professionally online anywhere in the world with a vast amount of students at bay. You can do this by signing up on a Nigeria-based tutoring platform UpskillsTutor which provides you with innumerable options and facilities to find you the students you need anywhere in the world with legitimate access and secure services.

2. E-commerce and Marketing

With the tech world taking over businesses are operating more and more online and doing pretty good too. With great success comes great responsibility and more job opportunities are opening as digital marketing teams require growth and expansion. Jobs that require drawing in more traffic, publishing creative and compelling blogs and offers, Sales support, SEO management, etc, are on the rise.

3. Freelancing and Content Creation

Freelancing has been trending like crazy. You might know at least one person who’s a freelancer in this day and age. You can utilize this opportunity and put your writing skills to the test and start earning almost instantly through freelancing websites running globally. You could either be a fandom or a content writer, etc. any sort of writing you do would be needed somewhere in the world and you can easily start a job online.

4. Graphic designer and Web designer

Being able to work from the comfort of your home you have a lot of time on your hands which is often wasted but what if you could utilize that time and learn to be a professional working graphic or web designer free of cost and in a short period of time? The pandemic is the beginning of a new era. You have the facilities to master web development and graphic designing and with more businesses going online the demand for web designers has increased allowing you to take your shot and start working.

5. Health and Medical Assistance

With most of the medical staff on the front line fighting the virus, constraining people from visiting hospitals, the requirement of personnel to assist people online has increased. Job requirements like enrollment associates, social services, coding specialists, chart reviewers, etc have come to light giving you the opportunity to work for them.

You have a pool of other job opportunities for you to choose from according to your experience and interests whereas these are only the top five job opportunities you can avail while working from home and staying safe.

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