Top Career Paths in Information and Communication Technology


It’s not surprising that the information and communication technology (ICT) industry is increasing. At the same time, its future seems to be even more successful. Almost all businesses are dependent on the ICT industry due to its useful innovations that continue to rise. In recent years, the ICT industry has grown even further with various specializations due to new technology advancements. However, many students often have difficulty finding the right option for themselves with so many jobs to choose from. To avoid such a problem, gathering some knowledge on the best jobs available is the right thing to do. More importantly, you’ll also determine if you’re fit for the job or not, alongside knowing how promising the job is. So, here are the top career paths in information and communication technology that you can pursue.

1. Tutoring

Indeed, tutoring isn’t a job that’s exclusive to the ICT industry. However, when it comes to choosing a job, what matters most is the demand and benefits you gain. As a tutor for an ICT subject, you will certainly have great demand. Many students opt for ICT subjects at high schools or colleges and often require tutors’ help. Moreover, many parents are also encouraged to get tutors for their children to aid their studies. There will always be a need for ICT tutors.

Furthermore, different tutoring companies provide tutoring services online. You can earn a lot by joining these companies as a Computer science tutor. Parents and students are willing to pay decent amounts of money in exchange for a good quality teaching service. If you’re good at teaching as well as ICT, tutoring might be the best option for you. However, make sure to become a tutor through a popular and reputable tutoring service. You can also use your experience as a tutor to get a teacher’s job at institutions later in life.

2. Data scientist

As the name suggests, data scientists deal with different data types, such as structured and unstructured, finding remarkable discoveries that can aid many industries. They collect data and sort it while also carrying out analysis and interpretation using their exceptional analytical skills. As a result of their research, they can create large-scale models of complex systems based on data or use their discoveries to develop solutions for problems. For all these tasks, data scientists use mathematical techniques alongside their computer science knowledge and trend-spotting skills. Regardless of the industry type, all companies seek skilled data scientists to be successful. At the same time, they are also in demand for research purposes. There was a shortage of 250,000 data scientists in 2020. So, as a data scientist, you’ll receive plenty of opportunities, all that pay well.

3. Cybersecurity specialist

The rise in technology use has encouraged people, such as data thieves, to exploit technology and attack, steal or destroy valuable assets of people and companies. The demand for cybersecurity specialists’ has increased to combat cyberattacks. These professionals are employed in many different types of industries and keep companies protected from security breaches. For example, they inspect the current security measures and make sure everything is up to date. They also develop and introduce new security measures while also being the first to react to a security breach. They are offered high salaries, typically in six figures, while also enjoying a great demand and many other benefits. Cybersecurity professionals’ demand will grow by 31% by 2029, which is more than seven times faster than the average job growth.

4. Software developer

Software is perhaps one of the most prevalent forms of technology. All sorts of companies use software to handle various tasks, such as data representation and analysis. Software developers help develop such software and are in great demand due to the use of this technology. They often work in teams and develop software according to their needs, using programming techniques and ICT knowledge. Moreover, they are also usually tasked with testing and maintaining existing software. Software developers also choose to be self-employed and create their software, which is often beneficial for people. However, the median annual salary for software developers is as high as $110,000.


Starting a career in information and communication technology is one of the best decisions you can make. You can gain numerous benefits by working in this field, such as high salaries, job satisfaction, and demand. However, it would help if you got some info on some of the best jobs available to choose the right option. So, make sure to go through the jobs mentioned above and choose wisely.

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