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The classic cartoon series in the 1950s were entertaining and ahead of their time. Even if some people think that cartoons are only for kids, the stories and plots of these cartoon series and their characters attracted audiences from all ages. The colorful visuals and crazy antics caught children’s attention, the cartoon’s dialogue was often filled with humor that only adults could understand.  

This started an age where kids, instead of spending so much time outdoors with backyard trampolines and playing sports, would diversify their playtime with screens and their favourite cartoon characters.

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These animated cartoon series remain popular until today because the younger generation appreciates them too. And with that being said, fasten your seatbelts because we’re going down memory lane to take a look at the top animated cartoon series of the 50s.

A wealth of memorable cartoons appeared during the bright era of the 1950s, enthralling viewers of all ages. These animated masterpieces continue to enthral audiences even now, from the naughty duo of Tom and Jerry to the adventure canine, Huckleberry Hound. For individuals who want to go deeper into the relevance and effect of these popular 1950s animations, the best essay writing services can supply carefully prepared papers.

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1. The Woody Woodpecker Show 

This animated cartoon series was created by Walter Lantz and even if this show didn’t make its debut until the late 1950s it still rose to fame very quickly. The show’s lead character, Woody Woodpecker was voiced by different actors such as Ben Hardaway, Grace Stafford, Mel Blanc, and Billy West. Woody was first seen in the 1940 short Knock Knock. Since then, audiences wanted to see more of Woody Wood Pecker and his silly antics. That is why the producers decided to make Woody his own series. And from then on, Woody Woodpecker remained a popular cartoon series until today. In fact, there are reports that a live action, CGI movie of Woody Woodpecker is on the works.

2. Mighty Mouse

The Mighty Mouse was first seen as Super Mouse in 1942 theatrical animated short entitled The Mouse of Tomorrow. But when producers and creators learned that there was another character named Super Mouse that was being published in comic books, they decided to change the name to Mighty Mouse. The show was created by I. Klein and Mighty Mouse was voiced by actors Roy Halee and Tom Morrison. Mighty Mouse made its debut in 1942. However, according to Terrytoons studio head Paul Terry sold Terrytoons to CBS in 1995. Since then, the network started running episodes of The Mighty Mouse in 1955 and aired it for nearly twelve years. Mighty Mouse cartoons became a popular children’s TV show for over thirty years.

3. Tom and Jerry 

Tom and Jerry began as animated shorts that were created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. The duo started producing slapstick comedy productions for MGM during the 1940s and Tom and Jerry was one of them. According to sources, Tom and Jerry won a total of seven Academy Awards for Animated Short Film. Today, Tom and Jerry still remain to be popular with the kids and the show is aired on various networks around the globe. For more information on the popularity of Tom & Jerry and the show’s contribution to the evolution of cartoons, you can read our article on The History & Evolution of the Artform of Cartoon.

4. The Heckle and Jeckle Show

The Heckle and Jeckle show were first known as the Talking Magpies in 1946. But they later changed the name of the show to The Heckle and Jeckle Show in the 1950s. While the characters of other animated series tried to outsmart each other, Heckle and Jeckle try to outsmart everyone else together.

5. Bugs Bunny 

Bugs Bunny first made his appearance in the Tex Avery cartoon entitled A Wild Hare which was created by Leon Schlesinger Productions (which later turned into Warner Bros Cartoons) in 1940.  By 1954, the witty talking bunny with a Flatbush accent who was voiced by Mel Blanc quickly rose to fame. Some said that Bugs Bunny even became more popular than Mickey Mouse. Bugs Bunny has appeared in several TV series, feature films, video games, short films, comic books, commercials, and even amusement park rides. Bugs Bunny even has his own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His famous catchphrase, “Eh… What’s up, doc” is never impersonated without chomping on some bright, orange carrots. Bugs Bunny remains to be one of the popular animated characters until today.

6. Felix the Cat 

Felix the Cat animated series was created by Joe Oriolo. Felix the Cat had a total of 260 episodes that were produced by Famous Studios, now known as Paramount Cartoon Studios. The plot of the show is about Felix the Cat and his secret bag of tricks that often helps him in times of distress and the antagonist of the show always tries to steal Felix’s Magic Bag. Read The History of Felix The Cat – A Classic Cartoon for more information on this iconic cartoon character.

7. The Huckleberry Hound Show 

The Huckleberry Hound Show first aired in 1958 following another Hanna-Barbera show entitled The Ruff and Reddy Show. The Huckleberry Hound show consisted of three segments: one starring Yogi Bear and Boo Boo, another starring Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks, and a segment that features Huckleberry Hound. It is the first animated program that was honored with an Emmy Award.

8. Yogi Bear 

Yogi Bear made his debut as a supporting character in the Huckleberry Hound Show in 1958. Since then he became Hanna-Barbera’s first breakout character. He became very popular he appeared in several animated television shows, films, and comic books. He even became more popular than Huckleberry Hound. Later on, he earned his own show entitled The Yogi Bear Show that was sponsored by Kellogg’s.

9. The Ruff and Reddy Show

The Ruff and Reddy Show is about the series of adventures of a smart and persistent cat named Ruff, and a brave and kind-hearted dog named Reddy. The show first aired in 1957 and had fifty episodes until 1960. The Ruff and Ready Show is also known to be one of the first users of limited animation techniques.

These are the top cartoons of the 50s that we’ve gathered for you, which one do you miss watching every Saturday morning?  

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